Happy Birthday Garfield!

Today is Garfield’s Birthday! So I will be making two concepts for him. One is him, and the other is a meme. Sorry if you don’t like the meme.

First concept on Garfield by me.

Garfield (Garfield)

He’s a :birthday::birthday::birthday: midline control

“Feed me.”

Bio: For over 42 years, Garfield entertains thousands with lasagna eating and napping.

Team: :stop_sign:


Enter: his bed glitches in Garfield in it, sleeping. Garfield wakes up and jumps out bed with the bed glitching away.

Win: he tap dances while smiling at the player.

Defeat: he tries to kick an opponent but misses and falls on his back.

Basic attack: he toss a clock, dealing X damage.


:white_circle: Time Out
Garfield takes out his stop and press the button, stunning all enemies. The stun slowly drains Garfield’s energy. After the stun is gone, enemies are given attack speed down and speed down for 7 seconds.
The slow may fail from enemies above level X.

:green_circle: Clockwork
Normal damage :facepunch:
Every third basic attack, the clock deals X extra damage and silencing the enemy for 5 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Teddy Bear
Garfield takes out his Teddy bear, Pooky, and hugs it, healing himself and his team X hp and charming 3 random enemies for 10 seconds.

:purple_circle: Five more minutes
Normal damage :facepunch:
Durning each wave, Garfield gain X extra attack damage.

:red_circle: Already Purrfect
Garfield receives X less damage from enemies.


Garfield and Mickey Mouse
Special Tour
Allies: Winnie the Pooh, Scrooge McDuck, Goofy
Mickey is giving Garfield a special tour through the city.
Iconic Character
Garfield deals X extra damage

Garfield and Pinkie Pie
Birthday Party
Allies: Bunny Cat, Pikachu Libre, Smg4 Mario
Today is Garfield’s birthday so Pinkie Pie wants to throw a party for him.
Special Gift
Garfield heals X hp after “Timeout” and “Clockwork”.

And now the meme. Sorry if he’s too scary. In my defense, we did concepts on murderous animatronics.

Gorefield (Gorefield)

He’s a :hocho::hocho::hocho: frontline damage


Bio: As a different Garfield from a different universe, Gorefield get his enemies’ “lasagna”.

Team: :stop_sign:


Enter: he walks in as a normal Garfield, then when he gets into position, he shape shifts into whatever he is in the picture above.

Win: a lasagna appears in front of him and he eats it.

Defeat: a piano falls onto his head and knocks him out.

Basic attack: he swings one of his claw-thingies, dealing X damage.


:white_circle: The world is going to end
Fantastic damage :stars:
Gorefield roars, scaring enemies for 10 seconds. Then Gorefield bites the three closest enemies, stealing X hp.

:green_circle: Bullets won’t work
Gorefield receives X less damage from projectiles.

:large_blue_circle: I can smell you
Normal damage :facepunch:
Gorefield deals X extra damage and scares enemies for 15 seconds at beginning of every wave.

:purple_circle: Evil Monster
Gorefield receives X less damage from every attack.

:red_circle: I’m sorry Jon
Fantastic damage :stars:
Enemies scared by Gorefield are dealt with X damage every second of the scare.


Gorefield and Garfield

Double Trouble
Allies: Master Frown, Bob, Olimar
When Garfield and Gorefield meet each other, they have lots of questions. But first, they have a creep problem.
Different universe, same cat
Gorefield deals X extra damage.

Gorefield and Animatronic Squidward
Scary Plan
Allies: Animatronic Spongebob, Unikitty, Smg4 Mario
Animatronic Squidward asks Gorefield to help him with a plan.
Restaurant Blueprints
Gorefield heals X hp for every attack he does.

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Lol I thought this was a Garfield appreciation thread

How did I do for Garfield?

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Great job!Omg I love it

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