Two nutty chipmunks (Requested by @grin_grimming_Ghost)

(I’m here with another requested concept!! This concept was another request by @Grim_grinning_Ghost)

Chip and dale

1 star, backline damage

“If we go any slower, we’ll be going backwards!”

Chip and dale causes mayham on the battlefield with use of their nutty escapades


Entrance: a tree is already in the battlefield and then the two chipmunks scurry out of the tree as it then dissapears (until B0)

Victory: a pile of acorns appear as chip and dale grabs some from the pile and munches on them

Defeat: a dazed chip falls down as dale tries to get him back up

Basic attack: both chipmunks throw acorns at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: acorn stampede

Passive: every basic attack that chip and dale hits a enemy with inflicts a stack of “nutty” onto the enemy, each stack of “nutty” increases the amount of damage the enemy takes from chip and dales active white skill.

Active: a “stampede” of acorns comes crashing into the enemy team, dealing x damage per stack of “nutty” that the enemies have, healing the duo for x amount per stack of “nutty” and also giving each enemy it hits 4 stacks of “nutty”.

Green: two for breakfast

Chip and dale try and bite into a rubber cement pancake which then they stretch the pancake until dale loses his bitting grip and then the pancake goes flying towards the enemy with most HP, dealing x damage to that enemy and also dealing small knockback

Blue: Ch-ch-chip and dale

At the start of each wave, chip and dales entrance gets replaced with them flying through the enemy team aboard the rangers plane from rescue rangers before then scurrying to their position from the left side of the screen, the plane deals x damage to each enemy it hits.

Purple: winter storage

Chip and dale now prefers to target enemy’s with the lowest stats with “two for breakfast” which deals a 40% more powerful knockback to that enemy.

Red: rascals or rangers

“Acorn stampede” decreases the armor and attack speed of enemies per stack of “nutty” the enemies have when the skill is activated.

“Ch-ch-chip and dale” steals 2 buffs from each enemy and gives them to the two weakest allies when they scurry back into their position
+X skill power
+X movement speed
+X damage to “two for breakfast”


Chip and dale/donald duck
Chip chase
shared healing

chip and dale once again gets on donald nerves by stealing his food which leads to a wild chase through the city.

“Acorn stampede” now heals all allies for x amount per stack of “nutty” that each enemy was inflicted with during the wave.

Chip and dale/Basil
Rangers code
“nutty” decreases armor

basil needs help on a tough case and so he asks chip and dale to go back to their days as rescue rangers in order to help out.

Each stack of “nutty” now decreases 20% armor per stack inflicted to enemies.


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