Unbirthday celebration

March hare

2 star, mid-line control

“I have a excellent idea! Let’s change the subject.”

a wacky rabbit who loves unbirthday parties, the march hare orchestrates teapots to cool the enemies steam and changes the subject with his giant mallet


Entrance: march hare literally jumps into the battlefield then pulls out a teapot and holds it in his hands

Victory: march hare jumps into the air excitingly

Defeat: march hare gets scared and tries to offer the enemy a cup of tea

Basic attack: steam blows out of the teapot in march hares hands, dealing x damage to the closest enemy and also giving march hare a stack of “scalding” which increases the damage dealt by “steam symphony”.


White: Steam symphony
(Fantastic damage⚡)
March hare pulls out a bunch of teapots and conducts a symphony with the teapots which produces a large steam cloud, dealing x damage per stack of “scalding” that march hare has when he activates the move while also blinding the enemies for 2 seconds per stack of “scalding”

Green: sticky situation
(Fantastic damage⚡)
March hare flings a glob of jam at the enemy with the highest amount of buffs, dealing x damage to that enemy while also slowing the movements of the target enemy by 130% for 9 seconds.

Blue: change the subject
(True damage :shield:)

March hare bonks the enemy with the HP lowest then 40% on their head with his giant mallet, dealing x damage to the target enemy and also either stuns the enemy for 10 seconds or confuses the enemy into attacking their teammates for 7 seconds.

Purple: he’s mad, too

March hare gains x max health and x armor for everytime he blinds or stuns a enemy with “steam symphony” or “change the subject”.

Red: merry unbirthday

All buffs given to march hare now are shared with all allies for 30%

“Steam symphony” now deals more damage to enemies who have already been blinded by the skill the first time.
+X armor
+X damage to “sticky situation”
+X attack speed


March hare/Mad hatter
“Unbirthday hat”
Slower jam

march hare and mad hatter decides to attempt to make their unbirthday parties a national event

“Sticky situation” now slows 20% of the target enemy’s movement speed per star.

March hare/tigger
“Uninvited guest”
more scalding stacks

tigger unexpectedly arrives at a mad tea party but march hare tries to get rid of him due to tigger not having a invitation to the party

March hare now gains 2 stacks of “scalding” from his basic attack.


That would be charming, but I see where you were going. Maybe silencing would be better.

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