Unbread Twins/Kronk Friendship Campaign: Cooking with the Twins

The first friendship campaign for my Unbread Twins concept is ready! (might write the other one tomorrow)

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it, cause it was very fun to do :grin:

Unbread Twins and Kronk are now friends!

Kronk: Hey, little guy! What’s up with that funny looking bread slice around your head? Pokes Biscuit’s head
Biscuit: Ohoooo?! (What the heck?!)
Kronk: Uh… is he broken or something?
Doughie: No. My brother doesn’t talk.
Biscuit: Ohooo. (Series of bad words)
Doughie: And he’d appreciate it if you stopped touching his head. To say the least.

Friendship Campaign “Cooking with the Twins” started!

Yzma: Kronk! Care to explain why Kuzco is still alive, having fun like always? Why doesn’t he have a poisoned dart in his neck??
Kronk: I’m sorry Yzma, but… there is a slight, SLIGHT chance that I might have swallowed the dart while trying to blow it. Yesterday was a painful afternoon.
Yzma: Just… just, how stupid can you be?!
Kronk: Hey… it hurts to hear you always say that, you know?
Yzma: Well, don’t worry, you won’t hear it anymore.
Kronk: Does that mean I’m forgiven??
Yzma: Facepalms It means that you’re FIRED!

Episode 1: Kronk Fired

1-1: Kronk can’t believe what he just heard! Yzma fired him? But, how could it be?
1-2: As soon as Yzma leaves, he bursts into tears. He keeps crying until he eventually falls asleep.
1-3: When he wakes up, he notices a flyer on his face. A local bakery is in need of an assistant.
1-4: He immediately realizes it’s the perfect opportunity to show the world his amazing cooking!
1-5: With a newly found smile on his face, he runs to the address printed on the flyer.

Doughie: Kronk? What are you doing here?
Kronk: Hello! I’m here for the job.
Doughie: The… job? Are you sure you can bake?
Kronk: Totally sure! Let me show you.

Episode 1 “Kronk Fired” complete!

Episode 2: Spinach Puffs

2-1: The Unbread Twins are skeptical about hiring Kronk, but he insists he’s perfect for the job. So, in the end, they let him try.
2-2: Kronk immediately wears his apron and starts making his specialty: spinach puffs!
2-3: the Twins strictly observe Kronk while he cooks, and have to admit he knows what he’s doing.
2-4: Once he’s done, the air is filled with a delicious scent. He shows the Twins his spinach puffs.
2-5: Doughie and Biscuit taste the puffs. They are pleasantly surprised.

Doughie: They’re pretty good, in effect.
Biscuit: Ohooooo… (I’ll admit it, they’re great…)
Doughie: Alright, Kronk, you’re hired.
Kronk: Aww, thanks! When do I start???
Doughie: Immediately. I’m going to deliver these croissants to the police station, all you have to do is help Biscuit with an important order that is due tomorrow. Got it?
Kronk: Yeah. Oh, this will be so fun!

Episode 2 “Spinach Puffs” complete!

Episode 3: Difficulties

3-1: Kronk is super excited to start his new job. He asks Biscuit what he needs to do.
3-2: Biscuit tries to tell Kronk to bring him some eggs, but no matter how hard he tries, Kronk can’t understand what he’s talking about.
3-3: At last, Biscuit gives up on explaining by talking and decides to draw some eggs for Kronk to understand.
3-4: Kronk looks at the drawing. He understands now! He quickly starts looking into the fridge.
3-5: Kronk brings some tomatoes to Biscuit. Annoyed, the twin whacks him with his tray.

Kronk: Ouch! What was that for?
Biscuit: Ohooo. (Series of bad words)
Kronk: That didn’t sound very nice.
Biscuit: Sighs, then takes eggs from the fridge by himself
Kronk: Oh, you needed eggs! But the drawing wasn’t accurate at all. Eggs aren’t that round!
Biscuit: Rolls eyes

Episode 3 “Difficulties” completed!

Episode 4: Mess in the Kitchen

4-1: As Kronk watches in awe, Biscuit breaks the eggs and adds the yolks to a bowl.
4-2: He then points at the bowl and at the oven, confident that not even Kronk can get it wrong this way.
4-3: After Kronk puts the mixture in the oven, Biscuit sighs in relief leaves the kitchen for a few minutes to buy some supplies.
4-4: Meanwhile Kronk stares at the oven. He decides that a higher temperature would help the mixture cook faster, so he sets it to the maximum.
4-5: As soon as Biscuit comes back, the oven explodes, splattering mixture all over the kitchen. An instant later, Doughie also comes back.

Biscuit: Ohooooooo. (Shouldn’t have left him alone. My bad.)
Kronk: Well, you see, the mixture was taking ages to cook, so I thought maybe raising the temperature would help.
Doughie: By the name of the bread gods, brother, what have we got ourselves into?

Episode 4 “Mess in the Kitchen” complete!

Episode 5: Unhappy Customers

5-1: The cake was supposed to be for the Queen of Hearts’ ball the day after. As expected, the Queen is furious.
5-2: They convince her not to take their heads, but she still promises she’ll never go back to their bakery.
5-3: The day after, Kronk slips on a piece of butter and destroys a cabinet full of beignets, which were for Carl’s 80th birthday.
5-4: And the day after that, Kronk drops water on the freezer, causing all the ice cream made for Vanellope’s recreation of Sugar Rush to melt.
5-5: As both Carl and Vanellope leave terrible reviews about their bakery, the Unbread Twins realize the problem needs to be solved, and quickly.

Doughie: We can’t keep going like this. We lost three customers. Can you believe it, THREE! This is preposterous.
Biscuit: Ohoooo? (Can I kill him now?)
Doughie: Don’t be so violent, brother. But yeah, we need to find a solution before he makes us go bankrupt.

Episode 5 “Unhappy Customers” complete!

Episode 6: Kronk Fired, again

6-1: After some discussions, the Twins decide to fire Kronk the next day.
6-2: In the morning, when they arrive at the bakery, they see Kronk play with the buttons on their newly bought oven.
6-3: They stop him before he can cause any more damage. Before they can tell him he’s fired, Kronk hides behind the counter.
6-4: The Twins turn to the entrance of the bakery, where an ugly woman in a purple dress is standing.
6-5: Ignoring Kronk’s weird behavior, Doughie approaches Yzma and asks for her order.

Doughie: Welcome to our bakery. What can I do for you?
Yzma: Anything you want, but make it special. I want to eat like an empress!
Biscuit: Oho… (SO humble…)
Doughie: Okay… what’s your name, if I may ask?
Yzma: Yzma, future empress of this city.
Doughie: Yzma, huh?

Episode 6 “Kronk fired, again” complete!

Episode 7: The Plan

7-1: Having heard Kronk say her name and how he misses her, Doughie realizes Yzma is Kronk’s previous boss.
7-2: This gives her the perfect idea to get rid of Kronk. She tells her brother, and he agrees with her.
7-3: The two go look for Kronk, who meanwhile locked himself in the bathroom not to be seen by Yzma.
7-4: The Twins are unable to convince him to get out, but at last they manage to make him open the door for them.
7-5: As soon as they approach him, Doughie and Biscuit proceed with their plan.

Doughie: So Kronk, I’ve heard you talk about this Yzma before. Who is she?
Kronk: She’s the best boss I could ever ask for! Well, she WAS, until she fired me. sobs
Doughie: I see… well, here’s your chance to get your old job back!
Kronk: But, how?
Doughie: Guess what she ordered? Spinach puffs!
Kronk: What? Really??? That’s my specialty!
Doughie: Exactly! And, if you can impress her, maybe she’ll take you back.
Kronk: You know what? You’re totally right! Let’s cook!

Episode 7 “The Plan” complete!

Episode 8: Kronk re-hired

8-1: While Doughie helps Kronk cook his spinach puffs, Biscuit secretly prepairs some special beignets in a different room.
8-2: Kronk takes his spinach puffs out of the oven. Doughie suggests she’ll bring Yzma the puffs, and he’ll surprise her after. Kronk loves the idea.
8-3: As Kronk hides in the bathroom again, the Unbread Twins switch Biscuit’s beignets with Kronk’s puffs.
8-4: The beignets have been decorated to perfectly look like Kronk’s spinach puffs, so when Yzma sees them she isn’t impressed.
8-5: As soon as she tries them, however, she falls in love with their taste. Almost crying, she speaks to the Twins.

Yzma: Which one of you made these mind blowing puffs??
Doughie: Actually… it was an old friend of yours. You can come now!
Kronk: Approaches Hi, Yzma.
Yzma: Kronk?! What are you doing here?
Yzma: Nevermind. Why did you never tell me you can cook like THIS???
Kronk: Actually, I think I did. I always did.
Yzma: Don’t be humble, these puffs are a masterpiece! You’re hired again, if you want.
Doughie: Whispering to Biscuit I refuse to believe that’s the same woman that came here earlier. WHAT did you put in those things?
Biscuit: Whispering Oho… (You don’t wanna know…)
Kronk: I’d love to! Thanks for everything guys, but I must leave. See you around!
Doughie: Goodbye, Kronk.
Biscuit: Ohoooooo. (And good riddance.)

Friendship Campaign “Cooking with the Twins” complete!


This is funny :clap:

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