Fresh Bread... (Omori concept)

(No spoilers ahead since this is a completely optional boss that has no connections with the main plot of Omori)

So… new concept!
I decided to take a break from the ATLA series (I will complete it eventually… heh) to make a concept on my favourite Omori boss, the Unbread Twins! :grin:

I usually use pics from the original source to make skill pics, but I couldn’t really find anything in this case, so some of them are random drawings I found on the Internet (and a fanart) :sweat_smile:

Also the skillset is supposed to mirror their bossfight in the game, of course rebalanced to fit Disney Heroes.

Hope you enjoy! :grin:

Unbread Twins


“Fresh bread… Fresh bread… Every day, it’s fresh bread…”

Coming from their holy kitchen in the Orange Oasis, the Unbread Twins are tired of baking fresh bread for all of eternity. They join the battle together, doing their best to fight creeps with their cooking utensils and their ingredients. Watch out for dessert!

The Unbread Twins are a front-line tank hero

Trial Team: Blue

Stars: :star:


Entrance: The Unbread Twins walk to their position, where their oven and their ingredients counter are.

Victory: both Twins smile. Doughie leans on the counter, while Biscuit raises his tray.

Defeat: The Unbread Twins notice they’re out of ingredients and look worried.

Basic Attack: See Passive.


White Skill: Fresh Bread

:fist: Normal Damage

Passive: with each basic attack, Doughie hits close enemies with her rolling pin, dealing Y damage, while Biscuit takes some bread from his tray, healing himself and Doughie by Y and increasing one of their stats by 25% for 10 seconds.

The stat is picked randomly between Basic Damage, Skill Power, Armor, Reality, Attack and Movement Speed and Tenacity. Biscuit can’t increase a stat while it’s already increased.

Active: the Unbread Twins pull out Slice, Sesame and Sourdough from the oven! The bread kids have X HP and Y Basic Damage each, and attack enemies until they’re KOed.

The Unbread Twins can’t use this skill again until all three bread kids have been defeated.

Green Skill: Sweet Support

The Unbread Twins eat cookies, fully healing their HP and increasing their max HP by X for the rest of the wave.

Blue Skill: Oven Blast

:fist: Normal Damage

The Unbread Twins forgot something in the oven! It explodes, dealing Z damage to the Unbread Twins, dealing X damage to enemies nearby and stunning enemies damaged for 16 seconds.

The Unbread Twins can’t be KOed by this skill.

Purple Skill: Ohoooooo


As the Unbread Twins reach certain percents of their Max HP, they become sadder:

  • At 75%, they become Sad: the damage they take is reduced by 20% and they gain 10% less energy.
  • At 50%, they become Depressed: the damage they take is reduced by 40% and they gain 20% less energy.
  • At 25%, they become Miserable: the damage they take is reduced by 60% and they gain 30% less energy.

These effects last until the end of the wave once they’re activated.

The damage reductions are less effective against enemies above level Z.

Red Skill: Guardians of Breaven


When the Unbread Twins become Miserable, they take 100% less damage until they activate “Fresh Bread” once.

The Unbread Twins gain 250 Energy when a bread kid is KOed.

The Energy gain is less effective if the enemy who KOed the bread kid is above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Armor
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Max HP buff from “Sweet Support”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Unbread Twins - Kronk
Friendship Campaign: Cooking with the Twins
Campaign Overview: Kronk has been fired by Yzma! He’s really sad about it, until he finds out a local bakery is looking for a cooking assistant!
Allies: Bunsen & Beaker, Bolt, Yzma

Morning Shift
Stronger buffs when Depressed

  • +Z Max HP
  • +Z Basic Damage
  • After the Unbread Twins become Depressed, all spawned bread kids gain armor and reality equal to 2.5% (+2.5% per additional star) of the Unbread Twins’ Max HP, and all buffs from Biscuit’s basic attack, except Tenacity, are increased to 30% (+10% per additional star)

Unbread Twins - Scrooge McDuck
Friendship Campaign: The Commission
Campaign Overview: Scrooge commissions the Unbread Twins with a huge order for a ceremony. The Twins do their best to overcome this challenge.
Allies: Peter Pan, Colette, Ariel

Monetary Loaf
"Oven Blast" deals more damage

  • +Z Skill Power
  • “Oven Blast” deals Z more damage to the Unbread Twins
  • “Oven Blast” deals more damage to enemies equal to 5% (+5% per additional star) of the Unbread Twins’ Max HP
  • +5 (+5 per additional star) Armor Negation

Hope you liked it!! :grin:

Also, I’ve seen other people do it with their concepts, and I was wondering, which disk would you rather choose?

  • Kronk disk
  • Scrooge disk

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Oh my god :eyes:

Whoa whoa whoa
There are depressed bread makers in Omori? And bread kids?! :dizzy_face:
And yeah, I don’t see any issues with the concept

I love this name


Yep lol

That’s just how those living bread thingies are called lol

Then you’d love a friendship campaign for them cause they say it all the time :joy:


This, right?

Nice concept. I like how the blue skill contributes to their purple skill. They sound tough to defeat…

Does it matter that I feel a bit biased because I like their theme? :sweat_smile:



Not mine tho

Like in the original game, expect a long fight lol

Except they don’t run out of ingredients here :grin:

Well I’m biased too anyway lol

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Right now I’m writing the campaign with Kronk, I already know what I want it to be like so I said to myself, why not?

Expect it really soon (maybe in an hour if I can write all of it) :sweat_smile:

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