Unbread Twins/Scrooge McDuck Friendship Campaign: The Commission

Took one extra day but, here it is! :grin:

Unbread Twins and Scrooge McDuck are now friends!

Doughie: Thanks for letting us open our bakery in one of your buildings for rent, Mr. McDuck. We really appreciate it.
Scrooge: No worries, lads. Hope you’ll get a lot of customers. You’ll need it to pay the rent.
Biscuit: Ohooo…

Friendship Campaign “The Commission” started!

Doughie: Mr. McDuck! How can I help you?
Doughie: …it’s not payday, is it?
Scrooge: Very funny, Doughie.
Scrooge: I’m having an important business meeting in three days, and I’ve organized a lunch to make a good impression on all other millionaires. We’ll need a lot of food. Think you can help me?
Doughie: Yes, sir. We never refuse any order.
Scrooge: Excellent! Here’s a list of what I need. Bring everything to my mansion in three days.

Episode 1: Big Lunch Plans

1-1: Doughie takes a quick look at the list. She can’t believe what she’s reading!
1-2: Scrooge’s order is massive: bread, pizzas, a lot of different cakes, a thousand beignets and an especially complex pudding.
1-3: There’s no time to lose! Doughie immediately runs to tell her brother about the order.
1-4: The two start preparing a lot of dough for the bread right away.
1-5: They quickly run out of flour, sugar and yeast. Doughie tells Biscuit to go buy more.

Biscuit: Ohoooo! (Why do I have to go? People don’t even understand what I say!)
Doughie: Just give them the shopping list, and it should be fine. I’ll remain here, in case Mr. McDuck calls or comes to check our work.
Biscuit: Oho… (If you say so…)

Episode 1 “Big Lunch Plans” complete!

Episode 2: Shopping for Ingredients

2-1: Biscuit leaves and heads to the covered market. After some searching, he finds the supplies he’s looking for.
2-2: He quickly buys all of them and starts walking back to the bakery, now with a very heavy bag.
2-3: He stops once more to buy some milk: they’ll need it later for the cakes.
2-4: As he turns around, he bumps into a brawny guy that was just behind him, dropping everything he’s bought.
2-5: He notices the guy was carrying a lot of eggs, which fell on his supplies and caused a mess.

Gaston: Hey, watch where you’re going!
Biscuit: Ohooooo. (I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.)
Gaston: Normally, I’d teach you not to mess with Gaston, but my future wife is just across this street and I better go show her how many bags I can lift. You’re a lucky guy, bread boy.
Biscuit: Sighs

Episode 2 “Shopping for Ingredients” complete!

Episode 3: Market Misadventure

3-1: Of course, Gaston doesn’t stop to help him clean the floor, so he has to do everything on his own.
3-2: Once he’s done, he quickly buys everything again and heads back to the bakery, this time a lot more carefully.
3-3: Unfortunately, creeps attack the market. Civilians are taken by the police to a safe spot, where they can rest and receive medical help.
3-4: Biscuit tries to insist that he’s fine and in a hurry, but nobody understands him. When Chief Bogo lets him leave, it’s already night.
3-5: He can finally bring the ingredients to Doughie. But when he gets to the bakery, he finds her asleep, with her hands still in dough._

Biscuit: Ohooooo! (Wake up, sister!)
Doughie: Uh!? Oh, it’s you. What took you so long??
Biscuit: Ohooooo… (Long story…)
Doughie: Nevermind. Let’s just go to sleep, ok? We’ll keep working on it tomorrow.

Episode 3 “Market Misadventure” complete!

Episode 4: Beignets and Pizzas

4-1: In the morning, the Twins resume their work, this time focusing on the beignets.
4-2: As they figure out, making a thousand of them takes pretty much all day.
4-3: The day before, while Biscuit was outside, Doughie had managed to prepare the rest of the bread and most of the pizzas with what they had left.
4-4: Once they’re done with the beignets, they decide to also cook the remaining pizzas. They’ll bake the cakes and make the pudding the day after.
4-5: As they’re about to close the bakery, Scrooge comes in.

Doughie: Mr. McDuck, what brings you here so late?
Scrooge: I’m just coming back from one of my factories, and I decided to check what you two were doing. Not working, I see.
Doughie: Oh, don’t worry, we have everything under control.
Scrooge: Whatever you say. But remember, everything better be perfect on the day of the meeting, or else!

Episode 4 “Beignets and Pizzas” complete!

Episode 5: Cakes and Pudding

5-1: Following the schedule they created, the Twins begin the next day by preparing the dough for the cakes.
5-2: All cakes are ready by afternoon. Which means they have enough time to focus on the last part of the order: the pudding.
5-3: The recipe is very complicated, but not time consuming or expensive, so they can finally relax a bit.
5-4: It takes them multiple tries, but by closing time, the pudding is ready and looks delicious.
5-5: Doughie tastes a small portion of pudding. Then turns to her brother and smiles.

Doughie: We did it! High five, Biscuit!
Biscuit: Ohooooooo! (We’re a great team!)

Episode 5 “Cakes and Pudding” complete!

Episode 6: Creeps for Dinner

6-1: Just as Doughie is about to open the door and leave, creeps invade the bakery!
6-2: Doughie quickly grabs her rolling pin and defeats as many as she can.
6-3: While she attacks some mages, a brute knocks her down. Before it can hit her with its mace, a bread kid destroys the brute.
6-4: Doughie sees her brother quickly working with the oven. Fortunately, they had enough ingredients left for him to create some living bread.
6-5: With their efforts combined, the creeps are destroyed. But unfortunately, so are the cakes, the pizzas and the other foods.

Doughie: Oh, no! Most of the food is gone, and it’s too late to make more.
Biscuit: Ohoooo… (I used the last ingredients to fight the creeps, doubt we can buy more this late at night…)
Doughie: It’s over for us, Biscuit, Mr. McDuck is going to kill us!
Biscuit: Ohooooo (Despair sounds)

Episode 6 “Creeps for Dinner” complete!

Episode 7: One Last Chance

7-1: The Twins check again in their closet. The ingredients they have left are far from enough.
7-2: After confirming that they can’t do anything anymore, all they can do is hope Scrooge will let them stay at the bakery.
7-3: As they’re about to get out, one of the bread kids pulls Doughie’s arm to make her go back inside.
7-4: The Twins see the bread kids are making again everything that was destroyed, using their own body parts as ingredients.
7-5: The Unbread Twins, shocked, exchange a confused look.

Biscuit: Ohoooo? (Do you think this will work?)
Doughie: I don’t know, brother, but at this point we have nothing to lose.
Biscuit: Ohoooo. (Let’s try then. One last effort.)

Episode 7 “One Last Chance” complete!

Episode 8: Meeting Day

8-1: Having no other way out, the Twins decide to accept the bread kids’ idea.
8-2: They have never seen the bread kids do anything but attack everyone around them, but as it turns out they can be very helpful when they want to.
8-3: The Twins spend the rest of the night and the morning preparing again everything that had been destroyed.
8-4: Then, despite being exhausted, they personally deliver all the food to Scrooge’s mansion.
8-5: They spend the rest of the day mostly sleeping. In the evening, Scrooge goes to their house to explain how the meeting went.

Scrooge: You did an outstanding job! My guests loved everything, and I managed to conclude a lot of profitable business. A man swears he saw a little dough hand inside his pizza, but I think he just wanted a reason to be annoyed.
Doughie: Yeah… heh, how could that ever happen? We’re professionals.
Biscuit: Ohoooo. (Ask about the payment.)
Doughie: Oh yeah. As my brother was saying, we’d like to know how much you’ll pay us for all of this.
Scrooge: Nothing.
Doughie: What?! Do you even know how difficult this was?!
Scrooge: You work for me, after all. Why do you think I asked you to do everything in the first place?
Biscuit: grabs his tray
Scrooge: …on second thought, you two deserve something in exchange of your hard work. Fine, you won’t have to pay rent for the next three months. Deal?
Doughie: Yeah, that can work. Thanks, Mr. McDuck.

Friendship Campaign “The Commission” complete!

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