Undead archer(unlikely concept 8/10)


1 star, backline damage


A minecraft mob who excels in shooting enemies within range…which means bad news for any enemies in its sight


Entrance: it walks into the battlefield

Victory: it admires the bow in his hands

Defeat: turns red and falls sideways then vanishes in smoke

Basic attack: shoots an arrow at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage to that enemy


White: line of sight

Passive:the skeleton won’t attack enemies until it is close enough to the enemies for it to shoot arrows at a safe distance.

Active:the skeleton shoots four arrows at the two enemies with the highest armor, dealing x damage to the two enemies and reducing their armor for 5 seconds.

Green: pumpkin head

At the start of each wave, the skeleton comes in with a jack-o-lantern covering his head which scares all enemies for 6 seconds.

Blue: sunlight

When the skeleton is defeated, it catches on fire and rushes at the enemies before going down, scaring enemies for 3 seconds and dealing continuous damage for 5 seconds to each enemy that is unlucky enough to be in the skeletons path.

Purple: golden armor

the skeleton gains x armor and x reality when under 30% of his max health

Red: bow of the undead

“line of sight” now deals 30% more damage to scared enemies

“Sunlight” now reduces x armor and 20% tenancy from enemies when they are already scared


Army for the underworld
shared armor

“Golden armor” now gives allies half of the skeletons armor for them

Skeleton/Madame mim
Sunlight proof
more powerful scares

“Pumpkin head” scare now lasts longer and has a chance to slow the enemies movements by 30%

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