Unity Trials

Are they an only 1 chance trial?
After yesterday, no refresh happened.

We DID play it yesterday, but after that, no.
Right now, it’s the Aladdin franchise’s turn, followed by Big Hero 6 tomorrow.

If we can only play that trial once every 30 days that’s going to be a serious letdown :sweat_smile: 30 seconds out of 30 days… :thinking:


Yeah never ending story… or you should buyball the deals

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I’m getting to play the Unity Trial again today after playing it yesterday. :man_shrugging:

I am not sure yet, but this might be a time zone related problem or in general related to time potentially.

Either a random amount of the players didn’t get the Unity Trial defense, or specifically the Europeans didn’t get it as so far people from USA/America seem to have gotten the Unity Trial reset. (Not sure on Asia/Oceania).

But yeah, something that should be checked and I can say that as an European I didn’t get my Unity Trial reset.

Same as Jody. I got it refreshed this morning. USA east coast.

No refresh happened for Europe it seems @Loutre

Nothing yet here. :frowning:

The team is checking this as we speak! Thank you all for letting us know about the Europe Unity Trials issue!


Is it supposed to reset with the daily reset? Or does it reset every 24 hours?

Cause I was thinking it was the latter and it would launch in roughly 50 minutes


Day is ending here slowly and still locked.
We will end behind without that essence.

Why not just give the affected players later tier 8 rewards? :man_shrugging: so 10 patch essence and like 10 random bits

Most likely tomorrow it will behave normally.

EU players will still get the same number of resets through the whole event, they just have this strange pause at the start.

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Also what about this Medal, is this a typo:

The first version of this is to get ONE patch level. Getting 176 is going to be summer 2025 unless its a typo :smiley:


it’s just showing a Boolean not completed/completed. Clearly an actual progress count is needed :laughing::man_facepalming:

… but yeah, 176 will take forever… that needs changing


I’m hoping the Unity Trials reset for 24 hours each. One time, it didn’t reset, thus not having completed that specific Daily Quest.

I can say that the Unity Trials for me as an European has thankfully reset today :-).

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Yeah it worked for me as well!

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