Unlikely Character Concept


Here’s another concept I’ve come up with. Introducing Green Shadow, from Plants vs Zombies Heroes!

Basic attack: Shoots a pea at the enemy

White skill: Precision Blast
Green Shadow shoots a super powered pea at the nearest opponent, dealing Fantastic damage.

Green skill: Plant Helpers
Green Shadow can summon a Peashooter to help her out, in a similar vein to Hiro summoning Megabot. The Peashooter has low health and attacks by shooting peas, dealing basic damage.

Blue skill: Fertilize
Green Shadow temporarily grants basic damage and Skill Power to herself and all allies, including the summoned Peashooter.

Purple skill: Plant Food
Green Shadow and the summoned Peashooter gain attack speed while Fertilize is active.

Friends with Darkwing Duck


@Professor_Pan_IV your thinking of such good ideas!


Aah, good o’ld days of plants vs zombie heroes. Haven’t played dat game 4 a while.


Alright guys! Got a idea 4 a Unlikely character concept.
This charcter u see here is Yang xiao long. A character from rooster teeth’s hit anime show RWBY

Yang Xiao Long

Yang is a 3 star frontline Tank hero. Yang uses her aura & strength to knock down enemies. You better not get her mad or else she will be burning with rage.

“Instead of calling me sweetheart, you can call me sir!”

Apparence- Her costume from Volume 1 to 3. Alternate coustmes can be her exclusive apparence from volume 2 & her new apparence from volume 4 to 6

Basic attack- Punches a enemy

White: Rocket Barrage- Yang uses her ember celicas & blasts 5 flaming bullets, knocking back nearby enemies & causing them to take X damage for 5 seconds. Deals Normal Damage

Green: Firey Punch- Yang cracks her knuckles, punching the nearest enemy & pushing them back, slowing their speed & attack speed by 25%. Deals Normal Damage

Blue: Don’t Get Me Upset- When Yang gets KO’d once, she gets angry & burns with rage, healing her for Y health. She also gains fire around her, causing nearby enemies to burn.

Purple: I Burn- Yang gains extra Y health.

Entrance- Yang rides in with her motorcycle Bumblebee. Getting off & Bumblebee backing away.

Victory- Yang crosses her arms with a proud grin

Defeat- Yang gets angry & stomps on the floor


Tough one
+100 skill power
Yang now uses Firey punch at the start of the wave

I Burn
+100 Health
Yangs basic attacks heal her for 175 health for each disk star

Hope u guys like my Unlikely character concept. Tell me wot u think. :grin:


Ayyyy! I really enjoy RWBY. It’s a good show.


Glad 2 see someone on the forums who also likes RWBY :grinning:

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Ok I am noticing something. Firstly, these are impossible character concepts. Coonsider renaming the title?? :wink:

Secondly, am I the only one who thought of a game like this but full of anime characters instead??


Ooh! Dat would be cool 2 have Perblue make a crossover of animes.

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Agreed, imagine, Monkey D. Luffy (one piece) fighting with Ichigo (Bleach)

Against Naruto (Naruto) and Shinichi (Parasyte)

It would be…beautiful…

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single anime tear rolls down cheek beautiful


“Secondly, am I the only one who thought of a game like this but full of anime characters instead??”
Well, I once had a dream that Perblue collaborated with Nintendo to release “Super Smash Bros Heroes:” Smash Bros roster meets DHBM gameplay!


Should I rename it? I think all of these characters are extremely unlikely, but not impossible. I’m not saying that they should be in the game or anything.


Well they are not disney so they kinda feel impossible to me, but Do not let me tell you what to do. Do what you want. :wink:

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My second unlikely character concept is Grimlock. From Transformers.


Grimlock is a strong 3 star frontline Tank hero. Grimlock is a dinobot that helps the autobots save earth from the decepticons. He follows Optimus Prime’s orders so he dosen’t make a mistake on the battlefield. He might be dumb as a rock, but he is stronger than you think.

“Me not stupid, me Grimlock smartest dinobot of all!”

Apparence- A classic G1 style. Alternate coustmes can be him wearing his Crown.

Basic attack- Slashes enemy with his dino arms

White: Sword slash- Grimlock transforms to his bot mode & grabbing his sword, slashing a row of enemies. Dealing X damage to the row of enemies.They also take X damage for Y seconds. Deals Normal damage

Green: Flame Roar- Grimlock blasts fire on nearby enemies, taking X damage for Y seconds. Deals Normal damage

Blue: DinoChomp- Grimlock chomps on a enemy & taking Y health from them & giving it to himself. Deals True damage.

Purple: Me Grimlock Smart!- DinoChomp now gives Grimlock additional Y armor for the rest of the wave

Entrance- Grimlock walks in looking around & sees the enemy team & gets ready to fight

Victory- Grimlock roars in the air for his great victory

Defeat- Grimlock gets angry & roars at then enemy team before sitting down scratching his jaw


Another dinobot?
+100 skill power
Sword slash gives Grimlock attack speed

Bad human!
+150 health
DinoChomp now gives half of the health taken from enemy to the weakest ally

Tell me wot u guys think. :grin:


Good concept @DroneIX.

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Thxs @Mr_Meme. Really like the kind words. :grin:


So I am playing A girl Adrift…um No…she may not come in game.

Girl with fishing rod: I want in.



Well dis is a unlikely character concept topic. Where we make charcters dat obviously aren’t even disney & of course won’t make it into the game.

So ur point stands strong. Obviously. :sweat_smile:

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speaking off… Gandalf!!! Cuz he is just to awsome to not be in here!!!

white skill: You shall not pass! (Obviously)

Gandalf creates a wall in front of the tank line. Ally ranged heroes can attack but no enemies can. This wall either takes X amount of damage or lasts for 7 seconds. This skill also blinds all enemies for 3 seconds.

Green Skill: Fireworks maker.

Gandalf lights three of his fireworks. Each hit a random enemy dealing X fantastic damage and stunning enemies for 2 seconds.

Blue skill: Wielder of the Blue flame.

Gandalf’s normal attacks are now enhanced. Every third basic attack, Gandalf instead shoots lighting from his staff that deals X true damage and stuns the enemy for 1 second.

Purple skill: Lightning showdown.

When Gandalf is KO’d, he releases his magic and strikes the team with lightning that deals 50% of their current HP. This also applies Hex and Curse to all enemies for 4 seconds.

Enemies above lvl Y will not be affected by the curse and hex.

This will KO all enemies who have 15% of their total health or less.

Basic attack: shoots fireballs.

Position: Back

Role: Control


Tia Dalma (The art of Storms)
Disk Power 1: Gandal now starts each wave by dealing X amount of Fantastic danage to all enemies.

Disk Power 2: Gandalf heals 25% of his HP when activating his purple skill if it KO’s an enemy or enemies.
(10% per star)

Kevin Flynn (Always on time)
Disk Power 1: Gandalf gains X skill power.

Disk Power 2: Gandalf starts each wave with 20% of energy already full and gains 20% conservation.

( 15% starting energy, 5% conservation per star)

And, that is Gandalf…who will never be ingame :wink:

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I’m thinking this unlikely concept I’m thinking of is pathetic to me. It is Sponge Bob Squarepants “I’m ready!”
He is a 1 star front damage hero, when he gets in battle Spongebob runs in circles then faces the enemies, when Spongebob wins he puts his spatula in the air and it glows,when he gets Ko’ed his spatula snaps.
Basic: SpongeBob slaps enemies with his spatula
White: Invinseabubble! Spongebob wears his Invinseabubble mask and blasts bubbles at the enemies dealing 90 damage and blinds them for 2 seconds. The blind fails on enemies higher than level 1
Green:Jellyfishing! Sponge Bob catches a enemy in his jellyfish net stunning them for 2 seconds. The stun fails on enemies higher than level 1
Blue: Krabby Patty!
Spongebob throws a Krabby Patty at the strongest enemy, charming them for 4 seconds. The charm has a chance to fail on enemies over level 21
Purple: I’m ready! When Spongebob enters battle he gains 50% attack speed
I almost forgot his friend ships!
Monster Patty
Spongebob’s Krabby Patty skill gives Spongebob 10 skill power for the rest of the wave.
Spongebob gets 50 armor
Rapid Spatula
Spongebob gets 10% attack speed
Spongebob gets 15 skill power

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