Unlikely Character Concept


insert a spongebob meme here


Here it is…I had to sift through countless despicable ones to find this one…Is it… How do they say?? Memetastic??


Since @Professor_Pan_IV did a character from a mobile game, I thought I should try one as well. So for my third unlikely charcter concept is Tiny from Cats are cute mobile game.Tiny is a girl, just 2 let u know. The skills r based off Tiny’s cat skills in the actual game where Tiny just does something for fun.


Tiny is a 2 star Mid-line control. A social butterfly who likes to play. Tiny likes to play with her favorite toy ball in the yard. And with her skills, she can take down enemies.


Apparence- With one black spot on her right side of her face & a left black ear

Basic attack- Throws a yellow fish.

White: Playing With a Ball- Tiny’s ball rolls to a random enemy. She pounces to the enemy with the ball, playing with the enemy & taking any positive affect & giving it to her. Fails to take positive affect if enemy level is Y levels or higher. Deals Fantastic damage

Green: Looking Around- Tiny looks around the battlefield & studies 2 random enemies.

Blue: Chimney Climbing- A chimney appears in front of Tiny. She climbs up to the top where she is untargetable for Y seconds. Then the chimney goes away. P.S, She still can attack from above. Making her like a battle tower.

Purple: Sunbathing- Tiny gains Y energy whenever she hits an enemy

Entrance- Tiny walks in & tilts her head, curious about whats gonna happen. Then she gets her head back into normal position.

Vicotry- Tiny lies down & then meows

Defeat- Tiny sits down & then meows, really not caring if she lost


Snuggle buddies
+100 skill power
Tiny can now avoid negative affects

Cat babysitter
+150 Basic attack
Tiny’s basic attacks now deal fantastic damage

Wot do u guys think about it? Let me know. :wink:


I feel like I just could make another concept. And so here i am with my fourth unlikely charcter concept & it is Ruby rose from RWBY.

Ruby Rose

Ruby is a 2 star back-line damage. Ruby is the leader of team RWBY. She likes cookies & weapons of all kinds. With her crescent rose & her silver eyes, she is able to take down her match in a snap.

“I don’t wanna be the ‘bee’s knees’. I don’t wanna be any kind of ‘knees’! I just want to be a normal girl, with normal knees.”

Apparence- Her coustume from volume 1 to 3. Alternate costumes can be her exclusive costumes from volume 2 & her new costume of volume 4 to 6.

Basic attack- Shoots a bullet with crescent rose in rifle mode.

White: Red Like Roses- Ruby uses her semblance to fly into the enemy team & swings her crescent rose in scythe mode, dealing X damage to all enemies. She flys back to her original position. Deals Fantastic damage.

Green: Cookie Break- Ruby takes a cookie from her pocket & eats it, giving her Y health & 25% attack speed for Y seconds.

Blue: Crescent Power- Ruby transforms crescent rose into scythe mode & stabs the ground, letting the muzzle of the rifle facing the enemies. Ruby then blasts a row of enemies.
Deals Normal damage.

Purple: Silver Eyes- When Ruby gets KO’d, she uses her silver eyes before she does her defeat. Freezing two random enemies to stone for Y seconds.

Entrance- Ruby uses her semblance to fly in & her pebbles reveal her kneeling down with her red hood on. She the gets up & takes her hood off & getting out crescent rose.

Victory- Ruby jumps up & down happily

Defeat- Ruby gets to her knees & starts to cry


Sisters never give up
+100 skill power
Silver eyes now blinds enemy team.

So many Weapons & Gadgets!
+100 health
Ruby can now dodge attacks

Tell me wot u think about it. :grin:


U like Krabby Patties don’t ya @Champion_David?


Nope…I do not eat plankton sorry :wink:



Plot twist, there is no Formula…


Here’s how Samus Aran would work if she was in DHBM.

Role: Tank
Basic attack: Shoots a beam blast

White skill: Missile Volley
Samus shoots a barrage of missiles that deal Normal damage. Each missile targets a random enemy. Each missile consumes a small amount of energy, similar to Zurg’s white skill.

Green skill: Ice Beam
Samus shoots a beam blast that deals Fantastic damage and freezes the enemy. The freeze has a chance to only last 1 second against enemies with a level higher than the skill level.

Blue skill: Reserve Tanks
When Samus’s health is depleted, she regains half of her health, and gains a shield. The higher the skill level, the stronger the shield.

Purple skill: Strengthened Suit
Samus’s health is increased.

Friends with Calhoun and Buzz Lightyear.

Entrance: Samus’s ship flies in from above, and Samus hops out of the ship.
Victory: Samus retracts her helmet and strikes a pose.
Defeat: Samus collapses to the ground and her suit breaks apart.


LE GASP :scream:



I don’t recommend you watching a video regarding this unless you want your childhood to be ruined.


Spongebob never was my childhood sadly. So yeah. Spongebob memes. :ok_hand:


I saw the episode where plankton finally discovered the secrwt formula… The sad truth of what is in a crabby pattie has been revealed to me…


I watched a video regarding this…


They tackled one episode where a glimpse of the contents of the Secret Formula was shown, and it was plain gibberish. Either Mr. Krabs was writing in code or there’s no Formula.


Film Theory had a theory a month or two ago about what it was. Don’t remember much of it, though.


Yeah, I watched the Film Theory episode about it…

Anyways… back to the Character Concepts, this is getting off-topic.


Yeah, lets make random charcter concepts dat aren’t even disney.


…wow…that first pic though…

This is surprisingly…weak imo…


I’m sorry if that’s amusing to you


Really nice concept @Islandboy611.

But, the blue skill kind of spoils the 2nd movie. So try 2 consider changing dat before someone gets dat spoiler. Just saying.

Edit: just saved ur lives from a spoiler. Ur welcome :wink:


Hold on…their is a lego movie 2???

His future self is named Rex???

So…Our Mama Ghetten which sounds kinda like Armageddon, is also from the sequel…

Nooooooo spoiled!!!