Unlikely Character Concept


Disclaimer: I do not believe that this character will ever be in the game, I just recently remembered an old concept for them that was a little… lacking. I just want to see if I can make a concept of the same character work.

The character is none other than Ash Ketchum, from Pokemon. More specifically, his appearance in the Sun and Moon anime.
Appearance: He wears the same clothes as he does in the anime, and Pikachu is on his shoulder, while Rowlet sleeps in his backpack.

Entrance: Ash walks in and pets Pikachu.
Victory: Ash leaps in joy and high fives Pikachu.
Defeat: Ash tilts his hat down to cover his eyes and Rowlet falls out of his backpack.
Ash would be a two star, back line, damage hero. For his basic attack, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on an opponent.

White skill: “Fire Fang” Ash sends out Torracat, and has it use Fire Fang, dealing x damage and has a chance of dealing x burn damage over 6 seconds.

Green skill: “Electro Web” For every third attack, Pikachu uses Electro Web, dealing x fantastic damage and slowing attack speed and movement speed for 5 seconds.

Blue skill: “Dirty Rage” Ash sends out Lycanroc, who, upon landing, slips in mud and goes beserk, crashing through the enemies and biting them, dealing six attacks, all doing x true damage.

Purple skill: “Pokemon Power” Rowlet leaps up on top of Ash’s hat, cheering on the others, increasing skill power by x, and increasing attack speed. If defeated after the skill activates, Rowlet falls off Ash’s head, instead of teleporting into the bag to do it.

Friendships: With Hades: “Legendary Fire”, Fire Fang damage and time that it lasts are increased.
With Mickey: “Rodent Pals”, basic attack now has a chance to stun, and Pokémon Power now gives x energy.

So that just about wraps it up. Tell me what you think about it, but pls don’t rant about how they will/won’t be in the game.

Need character concept ideas for the recess gang
WHOEVER's helping the heroes

I was gonna say No pokemon until I read the disclaimer.
Good catch me.


I did put 2 disclaimers for a reason.


But hey, u have a creative mind with Hero concepts. :grin:


Hey, dat gives me a idea. Do u think I should make a character concept dat isn’t disney? Caus I think I can make a skillset 4 a character dat isn’t even disney. U agree dat I should try 2 make one @TheSpaghettiKing?


Oh wow. Thunderbolt as Pikachu’s basic attack? That’s powerful, I’d stick to Spark, thanks.

Other than that, cool Skillsets, especially with Ash’s Alolan Pokemon. You certainly have my interests piqued now.


Just a warning, I am a bit of a Pokemon nerd, so careful what you say!

About the basic attack, Spark is a physical move, and Ash is a back line hero, so for every attack, Pikachu would have to jump off of Ash, and in the anime, Pikachu doesn’t even know that move. His moves (at the moment) are Thunderbolt, his most iconic one, Iron Tail, one exclusive to his Pikachu as far as I know and also physical, Quick Attack, also physical, and Electro Web, his green skill, so I had limited resources for his basic attack. If you liked it, I might do his other region’s skill sets.


I think it would be pretty cool, as long as you don’t forget a disclaimer like mine, or you would be flooded with replies about legal stuff, like that Kingdom Hearts one earlier.


Just a warning from me, I’m not so much of a pokemon fan.

So anyone saying something like pokemon sucks, I’m cool with it. Maybe I even like it. :smirk:


Oh yeah, dat one. I’m trying not 2 remember dat one.

  • Kanto Ash
  • Johto Ash
  • Hoenn Ash
  • Sinnoh Ash
  • Unova Ash
  • Kalos Ash
  • Dawn
  • May
  • Serena
  • Misty
  • Iris
  • Alolan classmate
  • Brock
  • Cilan
  • Clemont/Bonnie
  • Other

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Did this poll work for you guys? It’s weird for me. Nvm. I fixed it. I said I have been thinking that it would be pretty cool if I did the other trainers. If you choose other, pls say who.


so um I do not really know about trainers…

The only Pokemon Games I ever played was red, and emerald. I havent ever really watched the anime…

But shouldn’t his white skill be Pikachu’s signature move??

Annd maybe his basic attacks he could…throw poke-balls at the enemies? O.o

Uh :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I picked May cuz she is the only trainer I have heard off :sweat_smile:


You got me there buddy. From a Pokemon fan to another, I commend you for that :slight_smile:

What’s the poll for? There’s no context. It’d be appreciated if you tell what the poll’s about :smiley:


I did, in the post below it. Putting that in the post above and below made the post not work, so I had to do it that way.


Oh, okay, thanks!

Who wouldn’t want Kalos Ash with his Ash-Greninja, amiright?


Here’s my own Unlikely Character Concept: it’s a character from a different mobile game!

Presenting the Drifting Girl from the game A Girl Adrift.
Her skills are based off the abilities in her own game.

Basic attack: Uses her fishing rod to lash out at enemies

White skill: Reel In
Drifting Girl pulls a backline enemy towards her using the fishing rod, while also dealing basic damage.

Green skill: Cannon Blast
Drifting Girl fires a cannonball at the nearest enemy, stunning and dealing basic damage.

Blue skill: Potion Boost
Drifting Girl drinks a potion, immediately granting her energy, and also increasing her basic damage for a limited time.

Purple skill: Mastery
Drifting Girl’s Skill Power is increased.

Friends with Moana and Tia Dalma.

Entrance: Drifting Girl’s raft pulls in from the left side of the screen. She hops off the raft and holds her fishing rod up, ready to attack.
Victory: She jumps up and down with joy. (same animation as the “successful fishing” animation in her own game)
Defeat: She tries to swing the fishing rod, but falls on her face.


Pretty good concept! I haven’t heard of this game before though. I might check it out!


Now I’m more inspired 2 make a unlikely concept.


While I agree this would never happen, it would be awesome to see you.

But since we’re on the subject of a anime character join this game, how about Yuna from the anime, Stitch! (Yes, it’s an actual anime. Look it up if you don’t believe me.)

Or, better yet, how about the main protagonist from Spirited Away, whose name escapes me at the moment.