Unlikely That A Villains Game Could Happen

I think that Per Blue should make a second game called
have the same format but have villains instead of heroes have characters like, MALIFACENT, HADES, SYNDROME, you could also move ZURG, JAFAR, UNDERMINER… exetra exetra have the villans fight the virus in the same dimension and then at the end have an encounter with the heroes! It could also be a prequel to DISNEY HEROES BATTLE MODE
Just an idea thanks. HOWARD STARK

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That would be a hassle for devs…

Why not just combine the heroes and villains into one game?


I mean half of who he listed is already confirmed anyways…

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Yeah, just have them combined in one game.


You could do what they did in plants vs zombies heroes! You play as either plants or zombies (in this case villains or heroes.) It was never a perm descion in fact it built the story to explain why they fought against each other


I kinda like that idea. Having Hero and Villain factions in the game to enrich the story. Now that’s gold.

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To bad its not originally from me :wink:

Reviving this dead topic from decades ago:

I like the idea on how this villainous story mode ends with the villains meeting the Heroes. Their main goal is to not just fight the Creeps for their survival, but to prove they’re more superior than the Heroes(and/or their archenemies). Overall, I find this idea fun and interesting to implement into the game. I find it as a new Campaign mode, but more of a spin-off in-game.

And that’s a cool name: “Disney Villains: Battle Mode”. Great idea. :grin:


They could update the game for Halloween again for Disney Heroes Battle Mode Story update thing where the story is about Scar Maleficent Gaston Zurg and Ursula instead of Ralph Vanellope ElastiGirl Frozone And Yax And they could add Jafar and Syndrome as new characters also you forgot the best Disney villains that I want for a Halloween update NegaDuck Megavolt BushRoot QuakerJack and Liquidator they should also be added if they were gonna do that update


Maybe in the other case, maybe they might also do a Non Disney Villains Battle Mode, when they feature Mok, Rasputin, Jenner, Tyler, Claudandus, General Woundwart, Ogthar, Marcus, Granny, Freddy Fazbear, Baldi, Blackwolf, Ruber, Ramses, Nekron, Pitch Black, Lord Voldemort, Tharx, Zygon, Lord Farquaad, Joe the Pilot Fish, Van Pelt, Rothbart, Zigzag, Etc.

Dude they couldn’t make a game like that we were talking about a actual game they could make/ Update

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I wouldn’t count Freddy as a villain it’s a child’s restless soul out for vengeance on his murder from a Purple guy who works at Freddy’s

I’m just saying if that’s a idea.

Yea but Freddy isn’t a bad guy just because they are the antagonist doesn’t make them a bad guy lol sounds like Wreck-It-Ralph

I understand, but he may be in the first game.

He may not as a bad guy, but the idea I’m talking about is the game.

That doesn’t make sense you said Freddy is in a non Disney Villain game

Ok. I guess I won’t count Freddy then.

Some of the villains don’t really have iconic names im sorry but if I had that idea I would add Jason Vorhees LeatherFace GhostFace Freddy Krueger Michael Myers And Chucky

Yo this whole conversation is off topic

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