Upcoming project

I have a plan for an upcoming project. I call it the history of the forums. Me and other forumers will try to find major events in forum history, some major events include: forum beginning, Anniversary events, spam battle, Kim leaked, the history of the most popular threads.

If you would like to be included in helping me find stuff then just vote in the poll below

  • Yes
  • No

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If you choose yes I will invite you to a pm if you choose no then I guess you don’t do anything. Have a great day everyone

Invite me please!

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You gotta have some members who were here for the majority of the forum’s lifetime, and were very active.

No offense, but only Aamir would qualify.

Newer Forumers can be added too. Yes, they haven’t been to the forums that long but why couldn’t they give interesting advice then?

But they won’t know as much as the older players

Yes, about the old events. But about the newer ones?!


If an active forumer who has been around will surely know about the newer events

Newer Ppl Will Just know about evens happening now and then ! Not the past…
Djaq is right, Only Aamir should qualify

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Sorry… This post already exists. Forums 2020


Of course it does

Well That was in lounge…And Now creative corner…Wow that was fast :+1:

I take it into lounge so people can edit it.


Can we forget this ever happened because I can’t come up with an idea (I mean I can but then it will already exist somehow)

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