Update 1.1 Discussion

Update 1.1 is here with two new heroes and tons of improvements! What do you think of the new update so far?


Flynn text is all “placeholder”

I am confused on where we can get Rex chips with the new update. I am on server 8 and the menu is empty.

I would like to see the octopus :octopus: of dory, it would have one attack of his ink, another one of camouflage and other attack would be throwing dory in a small bottle that bounce in all the enemies. Well that is my main idea ( sorry for mi english hahah ) another ideas:
• Ratatouille
• Stich
• The horse of toy story
• Mike wazoski’s girlfriend
• Bolt the dog

I appreciate that you guys are balancing the heroes! Keep up the good work on that so that our “investments” don’t become moot :smile:

There are several text/ui/description bugs though

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Noticed a display issue when viewing attacks in the surge log. If you try to look back at fights in past waves, you can’t see the opposing teams. You can see current wave teams just fine, though.

EDIT: Fixed.

For a future update it would be nice to see the power used too in the surge logs to see how much power players are using to beat the districts.

Like it so far. I just hate characters are behind paywalls but I love Tron so I’m glad we got 2 characters from that. When should we expect the event to start?

Since the update I can’t play, the game stop working, It’s keeps saying open again and every time I try to open start downloading the update again and again. I

need help asap please!

Why this update is not available o server 9? It says there “global update” so I don’t understand

This update happened before server 9 was created. Server 9 and above are on a different release schedule, much like servers 2-8 are on a different schedule than server 1 for most content.

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