Update 1.16.01-A Patch Notes

This update makes me tremendously sad. There is no reason for this level cap and badge increase except to be a money grab. I’ve spent more money on this game than I would like to admit and this update makes me want to stop spending.

I’m really sorry that you guys are choosing to do this.


You have plenty of areas on the initial screen to build new activities for players/guilds to keep f2p & p2w players interested with the current level cap and with the current characters while giving all of us time to catch up. Maybe your focus should be developing that instead of widening the gap even more and losing more players.


And fixing bugs in the game like loud shouting font, dark mode , etc.

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The week of the update, a boycott of spending is in effect. Pass the word. Make it big and loud.


Server 16 is dying and yet, there is no server merge in sight? Not good.


Well, there is a guild leader forum now. No response yet that I am aware of except for the tactician chat thing.

Problem is, it’s all short term thinking until the game is given up and sold. Notice there was no attempt made to buy DragonSoul back?

The money was there. The money is there right now to hire more staff, more developers and not give up on things like posters and any new character costumes (both are popular!), all red skills and all hero revamps as soon as a new character is introduced to maintain game balance!

Instead, when some cheap intern leaves, development just ends.

Meanwhile, the CEO is adding to his collection of luxury cars lol (maybe not, but saw that very thing in a different game).

Apparently the network needs fortifying every other week now lol. I am still saving up shop Tokens since the last contest some months ago…

Solo deals, more and more fortify contests, no response to our concerns except for that silly tactician thing (our guild has nothing to hide), no replacement of diamonds spent in obvious error = perceived greed.

Milk the whales until they quit, don’t draw in new players, no new servers… Hello Gree.


Only game where players hates the updates , slow claps for perblue that’s the secret of your bad reputation


@Sarah_LXXIV Completely agree with you. Though in terms of “short term thinking”, were making all the suggestions to improve the game through their mistakes and its remaining ignored. Id called that absolute greed.


There needs to be a point where the cap increases stop and the incentive for leveling up becomes new characters. You know how difficult it is to level up from 0 to 160, and promoting like 30 times.


I’m sorry to correct you but usually the schedule was and is every 4 weeks. In rare exceptions even 3 weeks but never 6.
Doesn’t chamge the fact that’s is still way too fast for Dolphins and FtP player base.


A!ready have to many friends about to quit because they are so far behind level and badge cap. I spend a fair amount and cannot keep my top 30 current. Summer is here people will be quitting to enjoy the weather and with you making it impossible for even those that spend 50 a month to keep up you’ll have even more quit. there is no reason for some of us to play if you drive all our friends we’ve had for over a year away. Slow down the level increase and add new heroes. Keep your current players happy


So join me in the boycott, pass the word in all your guilds and all your servers. Absolutely no spending next week.


I’m with you for sure

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Them adding so many new heroes and so quickly is part of the problem too. They already know their new, OP heroes will be bought up quickly, so they aren’t worried about too much.

Even if they cap the levels at a certain point (which I’ve been pushing for months), they’d make up any lost money with their 6+ new heroes monthly. It’s ridiculous that we’re passing 100 heroes already. The most of which have come in the past 6 months.


Copy paste from the last patch notes…really hoping for a reply.

Will war be fixed soon? The new walk on feature creates certain toons like gonzo and bogo not able to properly use skills/disks as prior. It still functions the same in spars and Coliseum, but in war they set up in positions and cause a major difference.

Also is there any explanation for targeted deals through solo deals? A lot of players have waited patiently for turn on mod deals and haven’t received any on s19, as it is becoming clear exclusion. Other players are getting them frequently, causing a power shift and making weekly invasion/contests pointless. Its rather upsetting to see ones investment of play and money go to waste as these deals offer over 2 months worth of invasion rewards. Instead of narrowing the gap, it is erasing and giving the advantage. I have contacted support and emailed perblue directly. I would appreciate this issue addressed but don’t know where else to bring it.

Thank you

…I don’t see the point in giving up the game.its too addictive!!

^ And that’s why PB does what they want.


:point_up_2: thats what is keeping the game alive. By a thread. Its only a matter of time before the whales realize they have spending problems/addictions to something that isnt rewarding anymore (because PB keep upping the costs with nothing special to offer) and they abandon ship too. Selfish greed greed greed greed greed.


Keep playing, just boycott spending for a while

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