Update 1.16.01-A Patch Notes

Just stop…

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Do you even know what community manager means?

I expected quite more from you Perblue tbh… Its so frustating to see how are you working lately. I think its time to quit :confused:


…You know, I knew this was coming.
And I try to be careful to place blame specifically on those responsible.

To this end, Perblue, literally EVERY time a cap increase is announced, there is a tidal wave of negative feedback, all to the tune of “please slow down”. And this keeps being ignored, and the issues with it keep growing. The gap between the F2P and P2W players is growing exponentially, the people willing to pay are dwindling as value for money keeps dropping and more and more people are flat out leaving as the game becomes less and less fun with each month.

And ALL of these issues are exaserbated by Polaris’ consistent failure to actually address any of the complaint and comments beyond the pointless and banal, when even something as little as reassurance that they’re being passed along to the relevant departments or even just telling us WHEN they can’t give us any information and answers for whatever reason.

But as is?
I’m just going to sum up the state of the game on my end in a sentence.
I’ve had the week off work this week, and despite that I think I’ve played the game substantially less.


LOL.i loved the picture

If you dont mind me asking,will 1.16.02 - 1.16.10
Contain any new characters?
Or will they all be bugs and game content?
Will they be a mix of both?


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You see that’s part of any failed idea or starting to fail idea…when departments are not on the same page as one another. Yes it’s probably the better question to ask, but how can you be customer service representative or whatever when you don’t listen to the majority who uses the product or you aren’t transparent with the information you provide to your customers? People I know high spenders or not, are tired of spending money on a game with bad deals that just keep getting more expensive, etc etc, just feel burnt out and are quitting or waiting for purchased gem deal to end before they leave the game left and right . Few guilds On the server are already wondering when the next server merger will be. Maybe there should be a poll who likes the cap raises every month (even though it’s expected disappointingly every time) and who doesn’t ?Those that like it can be on one server and those that want at least two months in between on the others. As you said saying one thing in state of the game is the first step, but as we all know actions speak louder then words.


Poll would be too transparent for Per Blue, and would be worded/gamed to be misleading. Much easier for them to hide behind RIDICULOUS anonymous claims like “some people have too much gold.”


Wieviel Geld wollt ihr eigentlich verdienen?

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Allow me to expose the Sunk Cost Fallacy that drives this game. You pay money to participate at a reasonably competitive level, but the value of your purchase is constantly diminished, yet you reinvest to maintain competitiveness in Hope’s it will eventually be worth it from Per Blue, but they continue to gouge and make the pay wall higher.

Was a loyal gamer here for years, and have lost faith in the truly shameful way Per Blue has conducted themselves. At least this trash treatment of their player base is consistent with their reputation (Dragon Souls).

I am riding off into the sunset from here. Cannot maintain any hope that Per Blue will catch up and deliver the VALUE for which I (or anyone) has paid.


At least they warned us by including this in the game…


And for more F2P/low spenders, there wasn’t any rare deals this week, just right after live chat.
Without it it’s impossible to catch up with spam of cap rises.

Cap rise every 6 weeks was already hated and now it’s every 4 weeks, with higher cost of badges.


Sorry this is too much to take for me. Not only we are bombarded with new characters every two weeks, which makes it impossible to keep everybody-kinda-up, but on top on that the Max Cap keeps rising and rising and so on way too fast.

I can’t do **** in Invasion, Surge or Campaigns because I get obliterated in no time being LVL. 155. I love that you keep the game updated but I really think you should slow the pace down; by the time I level up a character high enough to be decent, you rise caps and I can’t even test it :grimacing:


Just hit my 2 week mark without spending money on the game, thanks for PB poor costumer service regarding a recent purchase. Honestly dont even care anymore used to spend 100s of dollars. This game is no longer as fun as it was to play. Now it’s just a money sink.


@Aloch What customer service? The chat feature is a joke. Anything you try resolving over chat on with customer service regarding purchases (even when asking for in game currency refunds/returns or swaps for items accidentally purchased) is met with poor response. “All in game purchases are final. Nothing we can do.” Then they close the case without letting you counter their response to you. YES THEY CAN. ITS AN IN GAME TRANSACTION OF CURRENCY OR ITEMS. THEY ARNT LOSING MONEY. THEY CAN HELP. They just choose not to because of greed. Then players are forced to go to google or apple for refund, then banned for breaking PB terms. Its a fricken joke.


Exactly. I actually even sent an email to PerBlues executive leadership and it went unanswered. Just shows how in touch they are with their players concerns.


That was Frozen 2 moment

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@Polaris please stop with the updates this is way too much


We need to all protest against this and refuse to buy things play the game etc maybe then they will chill once they see no one is playing or buying


Would be nice or everyone puts themselves to one toon in arena and coli regardless, but as much as it a good idea for action, not enough people will follow. I as much as they don’t want to admit it, I’m afraid what the future of this game will unfold. I feel avengers alliance was such a great game on Facebook to one day they said the server was shutting down, better fighter product game in my opinion.

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