Update 1.16.01-A Patch Notes

@Filadae_Djaq It’s the same with any customer service agent. They don’t decide anything and have to put up with people being angry at them for things they can’t even do anything about. It’s not a job for the faint of heart.


Again a lvl increase. … why i just reached 160



I’m so exited for today’s update! :slight_smile:

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Polaris: Gibst du alles weiter was hier geschrieben wird? Was sagt PB dazu?

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Lol. i think the dame. A lot of f2p players think the same. Stop with level caps, before it’s too late and masive players leave the game.

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Nothing is being ignored. I read all the comments and pass the feedback along to the team. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information to pass back to you about the cap level increases.


When is the update? Is it noon like most times?


We at least we know that IF there is an update to the situation you will tell us, right?


Yes, for sure!


Is the update today an app update or just a server one?

Just a server update!


That’s definitely a plus. Thank you!! Also, what time will it happen? I just got asked when I updated guild on it being a server update.

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Do you see any other PB reps on here?

Polaris is the liaison to carry this message along. Maybe don’t be so quick to be condescending.

Have a lovely day.


Did you read this?

Remember, the only Power we have is not our voice but our wallet. Don’t spend anything this week after the update. The boycott is in effect, spread the word in your VIP chat on your server and in your guild.


The last update was January 7th… would have been nice to have a couple more weeks. This might be the shortest time I’ve seen between updates.


Well, I gotta admit that Polaris is more active in Disney Heroes forums than Danny is from SEGA in their official Discord (SEGA Heroes, a game from Demiurge). That’s a big plus for me.

But maybe that’s because Demiurge behaves wildly different compared to PerBlue.

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Can we get bo Peep’s woody disk fixed as well?

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We are currently on hold with this update. We have a few issues that we’re reviewing before we can push the update live. I’ll let you know when I have more information!

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