Update 1.16.01-A Patch Notes

While I agree with your general complaints (bring back posters and costumes! give us more red skills and refreshes! solo deals are worse than stackable deals!), I want to point out that Fortify the Network (or FtN contests with a theme tacked on) have been every three weeks since nearly the beginning of the game, and there’s no sign of that changing to every other week. You can check the contests in the Hall of Fame if you want.

Most months see 4 new heroes; I think it’s been a while since we’ve had 6 in a month, and certainly not more than that. So it’s kinda ridiculous to say we’ve had about 50 new heroes over the past 6 months, which works out to about 8 heroes a month.

Could it be delayed beyond today?

It may have shifted slightly to once a month; we’ve had cap raises on December 3 (update 1.14.2-D), January 7 (update 1.15.1-B), February 4 (update 1.15.4), and now this one for March 3. It’s a small change, but still, if true, it’ll mean one less cap raise per year, so yay?

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Yes, it is good to remember that employees are just the messengers. They have bosses and people to answer to and can’t always give us the answers we want immediately.


Yes, that is a possibility. If we can’t release the update by 4PM, we’ll push it to the next day.


Noooooo! I just got more stamina thinking it was today!:rage: I really hope it is today!:pray::pray::pray::pray:


Which time zone

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Polaris can confirm, but if I had to guess, probably Central Time given PB’s location & past posts

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Central Time. The time for updates is always given in Central Time.

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Yes, Central Time. It looks like we’re good to go with this update today. I’ll have the exact time soon!


So if it is delayed today and pushed till tomorrow will people who bought stamina deals, for the purpose of the cap, still get the bonus % or will they just get the shaft? I personally don’t care I’m just asking for people that I’m sure are curious about that.


That is the complaint , but as Jody has attempted to clarify the complaint is unfounded. Cap increases are every four weeks (typically a North American Tuesday) and FTN contests are every three weekends.

Yes, this cap increase will be right after an FTN, but the last cap increase was right before an FTN, and the cap increase before that was about 1.5 weeks before an FTN. People seem to fail to remember the times an FTN is right after a cap increase because it doesn’t suit their narrative of woe is me.


Sorry to correct your correction, but Musketeer is correct, cap raises were initially every six weeks.


I care! I just bought them hoping to use them today. By the time the update happens my bonus is gone :frowning:

Use them and just have your stamina above your cap until the update happens today.

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Update is scheduled for 3:00 PM CT!


How many minutes are servers usually down ?
Still no update btw.

It’s in an hour

Could be down for 5 mins to sometimes almost an hour.

Which server are you in did you spread the word?

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