Update 1.5.A Patch Notes


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.5.A

Guild War

We will be rolling the Guild War feature out to Servers 2-13!

This server update is scheduled for noon CT on November 3.

First wars will begin on Monday, November 5.

Below is our info on Guild War from the 1.5 Patch Notes:

Guild War

Head-to-Head, Two-Day Wars

  • Compete in two-day long wars against other guilds to climb the rankings and earn war box rewards.
  • Spend the first day of war planning your attack and sabotaging enemy heroes.
  • Spend the second day making one or two attacks to clear as many rooms as possible.
  • Win 7 wars each month to reach Legendary Rank, earn unique posters, and even better war box rewards!

Fight Through Your Opponent’s Garage

  • Each Guild has nine cars that hinder all attacks against that guild or give the guild bonus points during the war.
  • Defend your cars from attackers by setting your team of heroes to defend one of the nine cars.
  • When attacking, defeat all of the defenders in a room to disable the car for the remainder of the war.
  • Starting at the ground floor, attacks must clear one room on a floor before the next floor up becomes accessible.

Attacking and Defending

  • Each player gets one free attack per war.
  • Each guild has a limited number of extra attacks that players can use to make a second attack in a war.
  • Each battle in a war requires you to fight 3 five-hero defending teams with 3 different five-hero attacking teams.
  • Each defending hero you defeat stays KO’d for the remainder of the war.
  • In these fights you can turn Auto off and use your active skills more wisely.

Find Out More
Check out our full Guild War Overview here.

New Content and Hero Locations

Server 2-8 Update

  • Hiro Hamada and Stitch will be available in the War Shop

Servers 9-12 Update

  • Felix and Stitch will be available in the War Shop

Server 13 Update

  • Maui and Stitch will be available in the War Shop
Guild War Feedback Wanted!

Shoot yea! I can war, and work on 5* Hiro, and unlocking Stitch!


Wow, dat was quick to release the guild war feature. U guys took like 4ever to release the heist.
No complaint, just saying dat was very sooner then expected. Besides, I do want to get Hiro to Max stars anyway. Thxs Perblue! :grin:

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I have a question:

Where can you get Memory Tokens?


When release it in server 14?

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I was wondering the same thing

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Can we get new heroes in the city watch shop? (maybe Hades, Baymax)


Pls Hades & Baymax! Yes! We do need dem!

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Same here, I wondered that to!

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How can you tell what server your on


tap on your icon on bottom left corner next to your name, it’ll say which server you are on on that page @FadelessBanjo04

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Right now you can get some if you win your 3rd war in a month. Also keep an eye out for events and or contests that might have some.

Memory market coins

Its called writing in fun bro :roll_eyes:


I know thats a stupid question, but shouldn’t it be 1.5.1A(1.5.1.A)? (sorry, I’m thinking about it know)


Select your icon on main screen for account information and server number


En tu perfil abajo de tu imagen de jugador


Would be helpful to know yes


Look at your profile


I’m sorry, but I am new and don’t know where to ask. I’m on server 14 and noticed there are a lot of characters missing. Will they come later or how does this work. Sorry again.


S13 and/or 14 fall behind S9-12, who fall behind S1-8.

In terms of new Heroes, you’ll get them soon… maybe the next 1-2 updates.