Update 1.5.B Patch Notes


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.5.B
1.5.B is a server-only update with the changes listed below.

Video Ads


We’ve been testing a new video ads feature on a couple of servers. It has been well received and is now rolling out to all servers. The video ads feature has three parts.

1) Watch Videos for Rewards and Perks

  • Watch up to 3 videos each day:

    • 1st video awards 10 diamonds, 20 raid tickets and 5000 gold
    • 2nd video awards 10 diamonds, 10 raid tickets and 15,000 hero XP
    • 3rd video awards 10 diamonds, 10 raid tickets and ability to raid Port/Trials, and the ability to multi-raid in the Campaign

    *Raiding lasts until 5am the next day

  • VIP 2/3/4 players get the 1st/2nd/3rd rewards for free, respectively

    • Just visit the Video screen and claim your rewards each day

2) Ad Crates

  • Find ad crates occasionally when battling and raiding in the Campaign
  • Watch an ad to open an ad crate
    • VIP 4 players can open them without watching ads
  • Ad crates can contain hero chips, stamina, gold and hero XP
  • You can store up to 3 ad crates in your Items inventory

3) Double Port Rewards

  • Watch an ad to double your rewards after battling at the Port
  • VIP 4 players now always get double Port rewards without watching ads

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with push notifications not being sent on the version of the app available in Asia
  • Fixed an issue with Daylight Saving Time and time zone handling

Thanks for the double port rewards after everyone already did all 4 of their double port chances today. Decent update but not sure how useful it will realistically be.


Is the server down
I can’t connect



20 characters yup


“everyone” has not done them. And these updates always happen around this time of day. And guess what: you get the benefits FOREVER. Why are you complaining about a great update? 2x [gold] from the port is great.


Is the server down? I’m not able to get in the game


I’m just saying that no one was expecting this update so a vast majority will have done them. I didnt mean it as a complaint as it will be nice every day after. But the update was poorly timed imo.


So…if we’re higher vip we don’t have to watch add to get these? We just tap a button or is it done automatically?

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This is when every update happens. Many people don’t run things first thing in the morning because of this. Were you up at 3am to get the bonus attempts off today’s event? Because those of us that were got extra attempts off yesterday’s reset, too.

Cannot get the docks in the port today(today is 3X)

So is that VIP 2, 3, 4 and up get the rewards for free or just 2,3,4. What about pure F2P? And if the crates can be opened for free does that mean we don’t have to watch an ad to open it?
If it’s worded this badly, I truly shudder to think of the actual update

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Im on server 8 and i don’t see it


Double Port rewards - something very sorely needed for a long time! In fact I would say it needs an even bigger buff, but no complaints here.

Yes, I’ve done mine already today and that is annoying, but ah well - the update is good :smiley:

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Where is the update??? On which server???


Was just gonna say this, no videos on server 2.


We used to have it on server 9 but it’s gone now. I also can’t open saved crates in my items inventory. It says that I need to raise my team level to do that.


Awesome I think this will be a great new feature. I like the fact that they will be drops for raiding as well. Would be nice to get some feedback on if this starts on next day reset as it appears to not be active right now at least on server 3.


video isnt on 2-14 it was on 9-12 but it is gone now.


When they mention VIP 4 I think they mean other tiers after it as well. You are not “screwed” out of anything. All it means is you won’t have to watch ads for the rewards you will just be able to claim them instead.

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Can we have these also reward VIP rings please? :slight_smile:


its only in server 1 ?

in server 5 nothing happened :frowning: