Update 1.6.1 Patch Notes


Update 1.6.1

This is a client update to fix a bug with heroes having almost zero health when entering a battle in Creep Surge. This is not a forced update, so you may need to install the update manually, depending on your app store update settings.

Update: This has been released on all platforms. Please keep an eye on your store for the update. :tada:

Update: This is now a forced update for all players.

1.6 Known Issues
No heatlh at start

Please keep replies here on topic. If you want to talk about war, please use the Guild War Feedback thread.


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The update is not showing up in my play store. Is it still rolling out?


It’s out on Google, Samsung, and Amazon. I looked at your client data, and it shows you’re already on 1.6.1. You can see your game client version on the account screen.

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It still shows I’m running 1.6 and the update is not showing up in the play store for me.


@Polaris I am not finding the 1.6.1 update on Google Play!

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That’s odd, already update it mine 2 hours ago.
Goggle play store here.


Maybe yours is already updated? Check your profile and look at the version.

  • If it’s 1.6, then it’s weird to not have an update

  • If it’s 1.6.1, then yours is already updated.


Still not fixed right. Have 1.6.1. Crashed twice on me. Now I have 2 territories that are still under attack


This is a different issues. Please contact support through the game so they can investigate.


So it’s fix now the game I can still see the dot on calenders


This update has been released on all platforms now. It may take some time to appear in the Apple Store, so keep an eye for it.

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This update is now required for all players.