Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


If they are new to the guild or don’t chat much, how likely would you be to want them to use an extra attack? War is about more than just power…its about working as a team. I’d rather have a slightly lower powered player make a coordinated extra attack than risk it on someone who hasn’t proven themselves to be a team player. Once they’ve shown themselves to be a team player, promoting them to officer isn’t really giving them that much power. And if they are a team player, they will know why they were given the rank and how to respect it.


I’m not sure you’re following the full conversation… I was merely pointing out why high powered players might not be officers.

But to answer your question - I’d like to see leadership be able to assign the extra hits to whichever player they decide should use it, rather then have the extra hit be limited to just leadership.


Both of those statements can’t be true. Weak guildmates not attacking when they’re not supposed to is coordination and enough skill to know you shouldn’t attack/wait to be asked.


I cant keep up with those new chars. I thought you guys want to pace down this kind of updates…

Still great job for trying to fix war and heist. But:

  • In my guild not all strong players are officers, cause we would like to keep the people who decide low number. Better for organizing stuff and not overload the chat. But we have to promote some now, which is troublesome.
  • @Polaris do you mind to elaborate more on he kick function in heist? Still not clear to me, if you can kick only afk players (like players not moving/ doing something within a certain time) or if there is no limitation regarding kicking player. Cause someone will surely abuse it.

I wish less hero updates and more fix for existing modes. So I appreciate that you are working on them.
Best regards


I have a doubt this will be the last update?


Nobody ever said this would be lol. Idk why people are getting so worked up over this releases. They said the slowdown would happen in the new year


What about Scar on servers 9 - 12?
Will he stay in VIP alongside Hiro, or will he be replaced and be unavailable now?


I just hope people don’t abuse the heist kicking system and kick out weaker players than they are. I really really really wish it was a system were AFK players automatically get kicked…instead of giving full control to the player who started the heist to kick someone they don’t like out. Mark my words, people will not only kick out AFK players…but players they don’t like, players weaker than them if they feel like it could jeapordize them winning, just because they want too, ECT. Mark my words, people will not just kick AFK players. It just would have made SOOO much more sense to make it automatic kicking of any players who are AFK. Like Call of Duty when you go AFK. You don’t see people playing team death match being like: “Oh no, this person is dragging us down, let’s kick them out.” But that’s basically what you’re doing here. It’s like you tried to get it right, but still failed!


This will not be nearly as big a problem as the AFK heisters and one that might get people playing better.
Heist, even very hard, doesn’t need high damage. The players that are likely to get kicked are those that play poorly (insta click HO fight).

Anyway my guild avoids all these shenanigans, we heist almost exclusively Guild only.


You still get a ton of stuff that people with lower or 0 VIP status dont get…check your benefits.


New friendships after update (available only for S1)
Aladdin Shank
Baymax Olaf
Elsa Frozone
Elsa Olaf
Genie Elsa
Olaf Felix
Olaf Moana
Miguel Elsa
Shank Elastigirl
Shank Vanellope


I could see an issue with kicking weaker players for no reason. But as polaris just stated, its not as big as issue as AFK or people jeopardizing winning. You do heists to generate coins don’t you? The host should have full control and make the rules for their own heist. Just host your own heists to solve that problem.


You need to talk to your guild about this new war feature then. I think its a great idea. Many guilds have people using extra attacks without asking and most of the time it becomes wasted effort. So talk to your leader about promoting the stronger players to officers in order to utilize your attacks. If you don’t want a lot of officers then you’ll have to decide if you need to demote people.


By that logic…if everyone starts their own heist…then who will help that person? Lol. I’m just saying that giving full control of kicking players to the heist creator, was a terrible idea. It would have made WAY more sense to have it be an automatic kicking like Call Of Duty when you go AFK. Other players can’t kick you…you just get kicked automatically to being AFK. That’s how they should have done it here, that’s all. Giving full control to the creator was a terrible idea in my opinion.


Yes that is the case with a players normal attack that everyone gets. Have weaker players use their original attack for cleanup or sweeping a lower power team. However the extra attack before this update can be used by anyone. Limiting who can use the extra attacks by rank is still a massive improvement rather than running the risk of said lower player going rouge and use an extra attack in a sub optimal manner. Again while it hasn’t happened my guild personally I have seen and heard of it occuring.

Just because the limitation of extra attacks wasn’t handled in the way some part of the community wanted does not mean that this execution of a widely requested feature is bad. Guild leadership now has some manner of control over who uses extra attacks rather than a text communication that not everyone may see or listen to. I stand by my original statement.

This does not detract from skill and coordination of guild war. What it detracts from is having weaker players misuse an extra attack. One last thing of note is that an extra attack has to use different heroes than that of said players original attack. A player who will be assigned an extra attack needs to have at most 30 well leveled, skilled and badged heroes for War in that case.


Guild mates or friends from previous heists, or people who actually participate and follow the rules will help. Idk what server you’re on but I’m on server 3 and my friend list is loaded with friends only for heist. I make private heists and only play with those players because of the AFK and people who join but do their own thing and don’t help the team.
I feel bad weaker players may suffer for this. But at least I can say I have never kicked someone from the lobby for being weak and will not do so in the future as long as they participate. People just don’t realize that not everyone pays for the game so some can’t help if they have low power or not


@Polaris what happen with scar at server 12?


And still: both of these statements cannot be true. A weak player misusing it is a lack of coordination and skill.


Thank you for the efforts to try & improve heist & war. And while I’m looking forward to some of those new friendship disks and characters, what happened to slowing down on the rate of updates?


@Polaris please confirm all diamond crates already opened will retrospectively count towards the new feature (If I recall correctly, you mentioned this somewhere in the past).