Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


@Mermaid_Alice my understanding is no and they get their ticket back


The issue with not giving a ticket back is then this system could be used for abuse/bullying.

And I doubt they will get rewards if they are not in the Heist upon its completion. Otherwise 1 heist could give an entire guild rewards


Please more @Polaris, we need more of those :joy:.

On the side note, I supose they’ll release it with the lag issues mentioned somewhere, both in one go perhaps.



We are doing server maintenance at 2 PM CT, but it is NOT the 1.6.4 update.

I don’t have a date or time yet for the 1.6.4 update, but as soon as I can, I’ll update this thread!


I need to say this, you get better with the answers this time.


The memes are great. Well played, sir. :joy:


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This is what we need from a community manager. An ability to be serious but also have the ability to laugh in the face of blatant trolls and grow a connection to those who frequent the forums. Tl;dr keep up the memes.


Do you have any responses to other comments in other threads like the guild war feedback thread? I think even the generic response, “we appreciate the feedback and passed it along to the team”. Would be welcomed by many of us who allocate our time and money to this game and to you. We really appreciate it when you guys respond. Thanks @Polaris


serious ? where did he answered any questions like “will the heist tickets be refunded if kicked… or punished …”?

no answer isnt serious.


One thing that i agree with this update is heist. Time to kick 'em out!!


He literally answered this further up in this thread.


Actually… he did kinda sorta answer.


Olaf’s Quote makes him sound like a " Good Guy Doll" XD


I have no problem kicking off a person who goes offline or sits in the corner and does nothing. If you join my heist be active. Also, if anyone hosts a heist and bails or kicks you off for no reason. I will make certain everyone in my guild is warned.


EXACTLY!!! What are these people whining about?
It’s not that hard to see that this is a great addition. If someone is not participating in the Heist, then they should be removed so an active player can join. If you are scared that you will get kicked from a Heist for no reason, then don’t join public Heists with people that you don’t know. It’s not that hard.


I’m guessing Apple are just taking forever?

They probably have far more app updates than usual to process being so close to Christmas.


Well played mememister


I always like my daily dose of memes. Oh! Dat meme reminds me dat maybe u should add Flash.