Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


When will the update be rele-


Really… Do you not read - or even look at the pictures…


I- that was sarcasm, a joke. Hence why I “cut myself off” at the end, so to speak.


Clearly - i didnt read :slight_smile:


Basically all of the people who have no patience.


Dat very Gucci my dude. :ok_hand:


Finaaalllyyy Elsa I am so happy :heart_eyes:


You can’t kick after you start, and they leave, or if people join after you start. Guess you haven’t tried it yet


Sorry, do I need to upgrade the app for these new improvements? It usually asks me to upgrade, not this time.

Nevermind. I found the answer


This is getting to be sad. S3 is falling off now because of the updates. Some of the top players are quitting. Top guilds are leaving. I’m in the top 100 in S3 and I can’t even get caught up and I’m at 800k total power. I am considered a “whale” and can’t get all my heroes badged before a new update comes. You need to slow down your updates or you will have the “whales” leave the game, with a lot more f2p people leaving as well.



It is just A Update of New Heroes coming and some good Changes… so please ?!

There is no Problem I see … for this Update


It’s not this update, it’s how the game is progressing in general. More and more types of deals and ways to generate income, but not enough fixes/balances to the game


Today or after 2nd January?
After today is weekend, no chance.
Then Christmas, no chance
New year, again.

Starting to worry :frowning:


Gross… even though it is supposed to be Gal Gadot, you have now ruined Shank for me. I will never be able to enjoy her character now…



I wish for me today is the Update, please let us no longer wait :sunglasses:

I will give you and the developers a warm Huge then :wink:

Great Job U doing with this new upcomming Update :+1:


It’s not their choice. It still has to be approved by the app stores


“this week”

It’s friday now, and dropping a big update for the weekend before christmas seems like a terrible idea. I kinda hope they don’t release it til the next business day after christmas


But why? We still have 2 and half day to enjoy new content.


We’re being flexible this week. Holidays are crazy time!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to release this update this week. We currently plan to release 1.6.4 on Thursday, December 27.

Thank you for being patient!


Understandable. Thanks for the update!