Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


if it accidentally breaks the game we’d have that much time of not playing lol.


Now we know it will be after Christmas.


Once again…its not their choice. It’s just however fast the app stores approve it. As I said before


No worries just keep the Incredible work


Officers have management abilities. They can change things in the guild, can kick players etc.
Now, just baceause a person has high power teams doesn’t mean he gets to have those rights.
I agree with the general concept of needing a way to stop random users from using the extra attacks but that’s not the way in my opinion.

My suggestion: either romove those privileges from the “Officer” rank or create a new title that once a player is awarded, he can use that attack.



Well I,m one of the leader in my guild. The rang officer is not base on power for us. We give this title to the players who are very active and are willing to help us manage the guild. For example I’m assign for managing guild fusions and good relations with partner guilds, another one of us officers keeps track on managing the list for people who doesnt participate in surge and keep them reminding to do so. Others have other function. But most important on the officerchat we discuss stuff, other members shouldn’t know or stuff that should discuss first within our small group before telling the rest. Lots of issues not meant for regular members. Some of us officers as myself happened to be strong. But through a fusion we got some new members who are even stronger than me. But we surely won’t give them the rights given as officers, like kicking members and getting intern infos. That are my concerns.

Yes, we used to have people wasting our extra attacks as well. We warn those people and if they ignore basic rules, we kicked them out. My suggestion is for perblue to introduce an additional title for extra attacks. Something between an officer rankband veteran.


I mean they didn’t raise the level cap or anything, so it’s not like any additional work has been given to you unless you’re trying to have every character max updated which is silly


I didn’t say it should be based on power. I said talk to the guild leadership about promoting stronger players. Of course it should be based on who is willing to help keep the guild running smoothly. People with high power don’t always know what they’re doing, and having high power doesn’t mean they have the leadership skills or want the responsibility.


Lol why is it only the “whales” are crying about more ppl. It is not perblues fault you didnt realize how many disney characters there are. I started playing this game because they had so many and so many combinations you could use. This is wreck it ralph meets zootopia its disney heroes. Adding all of these ppl isnt hurting anyone it leveling the playing field for newer ppl too. Im top 100 on s1 and i love the new ppl. I dont consider myself a whale im vip 14 but i cant keep up either. Thats not bad though it just means you have to be wiser about spending your money. Dont buy every deal or waste money on crates if you dont need purple or blue badges. They have a badge shop now and other shops that offer orange badges. The deals and crates are ment to catch up to the top not maintain it. It is up to you to be wise about how you use what they offer. Also look at someone your player age thats not your vip and youll see what you paid for. I think a lot of these “whales” just started playing and dumped a ton of money into a game they knew nothing about and no they are crying because they though they could just buy first place.


in otherwords great job with the updates. Keepem’ comming! Btw im still waiting on Gizmo Duck. :wink:


literally, you are not supposed to get them all quickly anyway, this is not pokemon, and you don’t have to catch them all.


Some ways to improve the game:

  • higher chapter infections are ridiculously hard even for my 90K+ power team, please rebalance
  • resources get exponentially expensive (esp. gold) at higher levels, can you rebalance to give more? i’m almost always out of gold
  • orange badges take days/weeks to obtain, seems very excessive, should be more generous with these
  • fortify network contest is extremely hard, only way to hit 1M is to spend 10K plus diamonds, please rebalance
  • combine servers? we’re a top 50 guild in S2 and can’t attract players anymore. can we combine servers? reduce clan size? anything to address this problem will help


I think my highest (or biggest) concern with the heist improvement which is allowing the host of the heist is to kick players out of the heists. The question is if the host is afk or inactive, how would they kick other player’s out or respond to player’s request to kick someone that’s afk or inactive or not contributing anything other than guarding, investigating the POIs, and allowing the heroes to rest for energy? My idea to remedy to this problem is to have a vote to kick players out if the host is afk or inactive to kick players out of the heist if that were to be the case.


No to all except for combing servers. I think that one isgood


I think its time to close the talk. Right @Polaris?


I don’t think they really going to be able to at this moment, there on there break remember


This is not true. Its just a rumor that someone started and everyone just excepts. The stages do not get harder you just need to use a more balenced team you are not paying attention to their dmg types. You can use a whole team of lv 100 o2 normal dmg on a blue guy stage 1 and it wont matter if its infected or not. My tip… Try the team you beat it with the first time because the difficulty doesnt change.


I like to play games for more then a week if everyone was able to max out that quick id quit. Whats the point of playing if everyone has everyone maxed out. This is a grinder game. Get over it guys. If you want an easy game to beat dl abc mouse.


As far as heist. Id rather have a quit button then a kick button. If you dont like the heist you should be able to leave instead of being stuck there until you inevitably fail. There has been too many times i join one and the person who started the heist went afk. This is the case more then the opposite. Also most of the time i dont mind afk as long as they are the one guarding gems.


Oh yeah, can’t forget dat.