Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes


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It was colder in Madison than Antarctica. I think that is all the excuse they need to not go into work for a day…


Oh great! Happy to read it^^


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I hope u guys will add a character for Lunar new year. Cause dat would be awesome! Like adding Mulan would be amazing! :grin:


Yus Mulan!!! It was really cold hear last night. I can def relate to not wanting to leave my house when it is cold. It was 59° . 59°!


Thank you the Chat touched are killing me and thank PerBlu e for everything you done but I would love to see .minnie Taran Queen of Hearts and plenty of more for V1.5 you should called it The roundup because you should add At very min 5 so people that feel board have something to do also please stop the putting inactive guilds in War s it s a waste of are guilds time


@Beast006 at the risk of sounding rude, could you plz polish your Typing a little bit? It is a struggle for my small capacity mind to comprehend :dizzy_face:


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@Champion_David your kidding right!? You think 59 is cold? It’s hking to be 18 tomorrow, not to mention there are places colder than Antarctica right now. I would kill for 59


@Polaris please fix the economy problem and stop ignoring us! We shouldn’t all have to suffer for a few players greed. Why not make it so we could buy diamonds with our gold?
Also the bugs I am facing is all the chats I had open disappear after restarting making it really hard to remember who I chatted with.


Heh, as always a patch follows an update, but nothing to address the economy issues…wow, just wow.

Well I feel mighty justified in leaving when I did, it’s being quite blissful actually.


I know it aint cold for you bit it is for me. It usually in the 80-90s here.

Plz do not kill anyone for a temperature change.


Server 14… Maui… Uff… I want baymax and vaiana… Or scar… :angry::angry::angry:


@Polaris Any update on the friendships on server 16 that are requiring a chapter not released on our server yet? I.e. Sully/Woody, Tia/Jack Sparrow


I didn’t actually notice this economy “crisis” so many are whinging about. Seems like no matter what they do with an update, some people are never happy. I’ll be fine with practically any updates so long as they keep adding new characters :slight_smile:


Because it was already hard to keep gold, now is even harder.
At level 100 you needed around 80k gold per upgrade now 110k.
Who is happy about spending more?


@Polaris thank you for all the patch work coming soon! I wasn’t sure if it has been addressed but when I try to post heroes for sparring in chat, if I type with it many times it won’t post and I have to re type everything again. I’ve noticed it happens less if I add a period or other punctuation to the end, but that doesn’t always fix it. Any chance this will be looked into?


That’s literally in the patch notes smh.


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