Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes


Really happy to see some annoying bugs fixed here. Thank you.


Agreed. I just like new characters coming. Any change they make, I really don’t care about it. :relieved:


@Polaris is update happening right now?


I would be surprised if it was.


Thanks for that and it’s weird then. My game said the server was down.


Maybe you have a bad internet connection right now


Are there any fixes to darkwing duck’s Nick disk always block shield without fail when it said it’s 25% chance? What about Woody lasso Baymax when he should he lassoing a backline hero?


Could we at least get a list of who is being bumped out in favour of whatever hero is moving into their spot, be it shop or campaign?


You can easily tell for yourself by looking at who is being moved. Maui is being moved from Surge to the elite campaign, and Olaf will take his place.


Amirite? Theyre just tryin to avoid the HOLY TOPIC


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Dude, it’s Perblue we’re talking about. Don’t even dream about any compensation.


Why not? I remember very well when PB did a compesation bug packs, that was awesome. They need to come back with that


@Polaris Thnx for this bug fix, but when will you address all the complaints about the gold/xp discussion? I’m getting tired of checking in every day in this forum.

People, as am I, are really annoyed with the fact that we keep adressing the economy issue and that you don’t bother to reply. Instead you keep removing or flagging messages.

I just don’t get it, cause you said you love this vocal and active community, but don’t act accordingly.

Players are refusing to buy anything, guild are losing precious members and the ons that stay aren’t that active anymore…

It’s a shame, and this could have been prevented, or at least fixed!


Questo aggiornamento verrà fatto oggi?


Yes! This update will be today. We will be following a different procedure for this update.

  • We will be updating the servers first - once we have the time set, we’ll post the announcement as usual.
  • Once the server is updated, we’ll release the clients.
    • These can sometimes take more than 30 minutes to appear in the app stores.
    • You will still be able to play! The 1.7.1 client will not be forced at this time.


grazie per l’informazione :slight_smile:


But Miguel, mickey and Mike are in there atm… Not Maui :thinking::thinking:


I think it is good the way it is. Change brings new challenges and new opportunity to make something better


There have been many connection issues lately. I currently cannot connect at all. This along with the chat notifications are by far the biggest issues in need of being addressed. To all of those waiting for xp and gold cost to be reduced you should probably just move on. Either play the game and enjoy it or stop playing. It really isn’t that big of a deal