Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes


+1 for Yax love probably the worst character by far.


Hurray !! I hope that at least this update will be all satisfied with it))) After all, almost every update was complained))


That is what I thought as soon as I saw his name. Haha.


I only have Dalma 4 star, if she could be put back in a shop that would be nice


When is the update? So I can prepare for it hahaha


yes thanks for it so server 14 gets hades amd ursala


When will the level caps stop? I thought level 100 was a good level to cap at really


Not in my server, and i need her chips for Ursula’s friendship, which I don’t have for spare


@Polaris What star level is Gaston going to be?1-2-3?


They wont stop until people stop spending money on this game. Lol


I think you went overboard with Pirate Code boost, he was already very hard to deal with once he started going


Wow, I’m liking this already😊


Polaris is dark wings nick disk being fixed


@Polaris, the guild crate hero isn’t changing until March correct? I’m ready for the new hero, but I wanted to double check the time line.


WONDERFUL update. Thank you so much for buffing old heroes. This makes me and I’m sure many so happy, some of the originals are our favorite heroes but feel weak. Also thanks for not increasing the level cap every single patch (server 1) I appreciate the slow down myself.


Great update.

Like the Rex and nick wild buffs


When are the rest of the servers getting invasion or is it still buggy ?


Noooo one… Shoots like Gaston, make those beauts like Gaston, No one enters mobile games like Gaston!

Say it again who’s a man among men
And we’ll say it once more who is that hero next door
Who is an unwelcome guest, when he flashes his chest
He’s a control, Who’d have guessed?
Ask the devs and their balancing crew!
And their name is P-E-R-B…
Oh well…

Musical numbers aside I am excited for Gaston. Perfect villain to be released for Valentine’s day. His kit is intriguing if nothing else. He is a backline control who jumps to the frontline which I believe to be fitting to their character.

3 questions I have about him.

  1. The current contest for 2-8 originally had memory bits for Scar and Hades’ 2nd disk. Is Gaston the mystery friend for those disks?

  2. His green states that he either stuns or charms enemies. Can we assume this to be based on gender, charm for women and stun for men?

  3. Lastly how many stars will Gaston start as? He seems like a 2 or 3 star but Hades is also a 1 star so I don’t know where he would fall as far as that is concerned.

Aside from that I love the Hero Refreshes. I think next up should be Felix and Yax although I have no qualms so long as this continues to be a trend.

Also Thank you for fixing DWD. Hopefully this will make him less toxic to the game. I still think he is super strong. Especially his disks but personally I disagree with the buff to 35%. I think it should stay at 25 unless there was a coding error preventing it from staying at 25. I also think the shield block should scale off of disk stars. Something like 15/20/25/30/35. Again just my opinion.

All in all I love the update. Kudos for the great update.


Yay update 1.7.2. I have lots of coli tokens. Thanks perblue!!:grin::grin::slight_smile:



Pls tell me but how many stars is gaston going to be?