Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes


I’m thinking 1. Not sure


I meant *2 one would be in gold not diamond


Finally! Gaston is coming! Thxs @Polaris! :smile:


Alright, Got a lot of patcience in my pockets. Anyone want some of mine? Also, do some meming like last time on 1.6.4/1.6.6. It would be hilariously funny. :joy:


Ur musical number was amazing. :+1:


Thank you for fixing that. It felt like I was the only one talking about that here


I also love Jack so i’m glad they did this


Awesome! I’m glad that you’ve starting buffing heroes, like everyone was asking. Yax definitely needs a Hero Revamp™ next, along with Felix.


I want them to Buff Maui. Like the demigod of the wind a sea, has the health of a off tank.


@Polaris what is gaston’s star level?


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Does this mean 5 shields per star level? For 100% of Nick’s HP? 12%? Or just an increased percentage of Nick’s HP per star level? I’m confused, please clarify.


No one carries around useless arrows like gaston!


:musical_note: No one else makes a better entrance like Gaston! :musical_note:


@Polaris Thank you for buffing some lesser heroes instead of just nerfing better heroes. Although I wouldn’t have put Jack Sparrow at the top if the list needing buffs (Finnick, Yax, Vanellope would be mine).


:musical_note: No one comes in five months after originally being announced…quite like Gaston :musical_note:


Actually personally more so looking forward to Nick’s buff, but yeah Jack Sparrow are among my 15/20 best heroes I think I do usually use him in my Coliseum lineup and similar, so looking forward to his buff as well :-).

Also, while I haven’t gotten to the Pirates world in Kingdom Hearts 3, it is a world I am looking forward getting to and play ;-). Definitely will be interesting to Sora and the others pirate transformation and how things goes ^^.

And yeah, wish the best of luck in Disney Heroes and hope you are enjoying Disney Heroes as well :-).


ANOTHER level bump? This is getting ridiculous!


While I don’t think all of the things said in this video are applyable to Disney Heroes and PerBlue, I do think a few things of it is like the fact that we have level cap increases over level 100. So yeah, I thought I would post here :-).

I don’t mind PerBlue’s content release and upping the level cap and such, but of course the question if my characters are ready is another thing, I do like the stream of new content and seeing what new characters get announced and getting to play through their friend campaigns hopefully eventually :-).


Says Gaston is backline Control but he jumps in to the middle of the enimies and stays there for the rest of the wave, surely that’s more of a frontline/middle damage character ?