Update 1.7 Patch Notes


Guess it is just a few mins until we see how it goes :-).


Guess freedom of speech is not allowed on the forum.


Voting with my wallet. Join me in a boycott until they return the prices back!


It’s not freedom of speech when your being rude


Was that one to me? I can at least say that I didn’t flag if so.
And not saying that people can’t have their opinion, but a optimist at heart and want things to go good :-).


Already boycot the game lol just looked in here for a moment if anything changed with a new update, still the same money hungry perblue, i used the best boycot buttone (x) delete game:) see more and more flagged messages also lol criticism is not allowed as iT seems:)
Nah this game is ruïned was hopin they did something with people quitting last updates but they dont care. Ill wait till vip launch of anthem comes out friday, so glad i left perblue behind me:)


Come on guys, there must be a reason perblue added dis feature. Right?


I feel like everyone may be over reacting about this whole thing, I mean people are already deleting the game when the update hasn’t even came yet, it just doesn’t make any since to me, shouldn’t you at least give it a chance?


Yeah im gonna wait i spend money on this game


I think it’s because they are decreasing the level of when people get the friendship disk as said in the patch notes. It gives people more of a challenge to complete them which I can accept.


The update should have been released 10minutes ago its 2oclock est


Lots of people quit for new year!!


Actually feel sorry for what Perblue has to go through with all this anger and harassment they have to go through with every update and with all the hard work they put into it as well.


@Kalel the update will be until about 30-45 min


They are very well compensated. They didn’t make this game out of the goodness of their heart.


Oof, Edna? Rapunzel would be cool though! As would Mulan.


I can understand that one yeah. Probably isn’t easy or plesent for them to see all of this.

I don’t know if we two have helped much, but hopefully a bit :-).


That’s true but why should they with the way everyone is acting.


The update is complete.