Update 1.7 Patch Notes


Was very happy with this until I reached the bit about skill and xp costs, then I wanted to throw my tablet.
At level 96 currently I’m only able to maintain 24 heroes at max level / skill level. The other half of my heroes sit at blue level 70, unlikely to see proper combat for a VERY long time.

Sad that now, it will likely be never.


I believe that the hoarding of gold is probably only in the top 1-2% of players, this will not affect the true p2w players, it will only hurt the other 98% who dont pad Per Blues pockets with GREEN.


All you are doing is making it harder for others to catch up. Adding more characters would have been the best fix and most fair. I have always supported per blue but this was specifically for turbo on server 1. The only thing this accomplished is making it harder for others to catch up. The ppl who have excessive amounts of gold and xp still dont have a way to spend it.If you add new ppl they would have an outlet for the gold and xp. It would also give others the chance to do the same. Instead you gave the people with stockpiles 1 toon to upgrade (which theyd probably max in a day) and made it harder for everyone else. If you were really worried about a stockpile you guys should let us sell raid tickets again. I have 10k+ and rising everyday with now way to use them all. I can except the toon nerfing even though you are nerfing my top 3 ppl but someone has to fix this update before its released. The gold and xp is not fair to everyone please release more ppl instead.

Edit: Feedback is welcome, but harassing PerBlue employees is not allowed


Wonder if Roger Rabbit will come up anytime soon. Will love to see Judge as a playable character.


Increasing gold and hero XP costs is garbage! Nobody can keep up besides mega-whales.

This is the worst update ever, worse than the 6* update.

You guys must not want to work on the game anymore because you seem like you wanna bleed the rest of the players dry and then pull the plug.


@Polaris well, great update, everything is AWESOME (not including skill power cost increase).
But… could you reveal date of update?


We’re planning to release 1.7 early next week, pending approval from the various app platforms.


I belong to the top .1% of my server. Rank 15-20 and VIP17. I have a severe gold shortage. How and who the heck are they referring to when they say people are hoarding??


New server is comming with this update ? Please…


No. When we are ready to open a new server, we’ll make a post about it.


Longtime players seem to be quitting the game after every recent update. This isn’t gonna be any different. As opposed to punishing everyone that’s leveled up, other ways to spend gold should be made. Whether it involve crafting badges, buying badges, or even power ups. I don’t even know. It’s hard enough already to keep up, and this update won’t level the playing field. It’ll just force the bottom 99% of the players to struggle even more. I love this game. I do. But it’s becoming more and more apparent its prime focus is to make money. This update is very obviously meant to bring in more revenue. It shouldn’t be this way.


I can’t be the only one who has NEVER had a problem with hoarding gold nor exp drinks, feels like the complete opposite actually…


I am in a top 10 guild in server 3. I can say about 25% of the members in my guild don’t even have 15 heroes completely skilled up. And no more than 3 people out of 49-50 have resources to level up all their heroes and then hoard resources.


I just hope Polaris is relaying the frustration about the gold increase. Just because a few people have extra gold doesn’t mean the majority of the players do. I for one hoard my gold for events. So while I have a lot of gold I am by no means ever close to having nowhere to spend it.

Please reconsider as it makes is harder for the dolphins to catch up, the F2P players really don’t have a chance.


Really like the look of invasion, and happy with the balances changes on the heroes.

Duck wing Duck is an odd choice, but he is new so will gladly accept.

Don’t understand the gold and XP thing though, the only ones with surplus are the whales that purchased Port resets. All this does is make the already large gap between subscribed players and regular buyers much wider.

The player attrition rate is already alarming, this will only add further stress to it.


@Polaris you mean big spenders xp pots and gold. A f2p player barely makes its by with what is given out. We cherish the double drop days in surge and city watch and port. So we can get some gold to level some heroes. Port to level up our heroes.

A better idea is to cap the number of xp pots. You cannot fix a broken economy like this. Except maybe not give gold as an additional item in the flash sales and event sales. I’ve studied economics enough to know you’re not hurting the 1% when you do this but the lower and middle class players (metaphorically). Rethink this issue guys.


What are you smoking, PerBlue? I’m ranked 53rd on server one, 1.07 million power. I’ve spent thousands on this game and I always need more gold and experience and sure as heck dont have any stockpiled. How is raising the amount needed going to help the tens of thousands of people below me to catch up with the 50 above me?


I’m not a F2P player. I’m no where near a whale though. Heck it is already impossible for me to keep up. So you are not even giving players like me a chance with this update.


What if people spend MONEY on max Quorra and Baymax because they are Overpowered???

No.compensation at all for them?? You are not taking care of your clients Perblue.

If you screw up at balancing your game YOU have to compensate somehow. Like… 15% of nerfed toon power in diamonds or something like that. ITS FAIR


Nerfing all those heroes is just stupid. And for quorra is the 3rd time she get nerfed… as someone else already said what about all thise people who invested money diamonds and resources to max those 3 and now see their strength reduced??? Thats just ridicoulous…