Update 1.7 Patch Notes


I have to say, I agree with the nerfs. Constant balancing is a part of all games like this. Not mad at that at all

But the skill point and xp increase :frowning:


I hope this doesn’t literally mean every critical attack. If a Study or Scare is implemented on him, does this mean he could potentially stay invisible the entire fight?

Or, is this “critical attack” in terms of a determining Life-Or-Death blow?

EDIT: Nevermind, got it answered!

This has me torn. I get why it was implemented - to make healers relevant again - but, at the same time, this was a mechanic I absolutely loved. Why not half the Curse timers (to 2-3secs) instead of letting heals through?

That nerf aside, I do appreciate the other Hero balances (Quorra, especially, was in dire need of it) & fixes to targeting.

Who? Where? This can’t be right. Just no. They’re already expensive enough. There are other reasons why people might hoard: for Contests, in anticipation for new (meta) Heroes. This doesn’t always equate a surplus.

Rather than this, are instant levelling buttons (or sliders) being worked on at all? As much as I appreciate faster levelling, I don’t enjoy sitting there, with my finger on a button, raising a Hero from 1 to 100+…

Other things I like:

  • Heist invite button is back.
  • Guild Crate rotation (S2-8).
  • Fixed Surge’s solo-Merc exploit.
  • Fixed the display error that showed dead enemy Surge Heroes.
  • No level cap/promotion raises :ok_hand:

Things I don’t like:

  • Lots of nerfs occurring, but no re-balancing/buffs to other Heroes. One popular example:
    • Rex’s shield-eating ability; Rex & Dash’s shield-eating disks also need to be revisited.
    • With Curse still allowing healing to be done now, will you be keeping an eye on healers for a possible heal cap?
  • Except for an additional informative page, there haven’t been any changes to War. This includes:
    • Edits to the War Calendar/Schedule, AKA addressing the burn-out issue.
    • Revisiting how, if any, War rewards are doled out during the season. Specifically, once Legendary has been attained.
    • IMO, Row 1 & 2 Car Buffs need an increase. There have been no notable differences.
    • IMO, Sabotages need to be revisited. I’ve talked with many players who, like the Car Buffs, find certain Sabs have little to no effect.
  • No changes to Campaign.
    • Drop rates need to be revisited OR
    • Stamina costs need to be reduced.

Feeling a little unsatisfied with this patch overall, but as always, looking forward to whatever else you’ll be dishing out, team PB!


If you spend a lot on a character you can clearly tell is over powered you do so knowing you risk it being nerfed.

But seriously, increased gold costs? This doesn’t even make any sense. If you want to reduce the amount of gold in the game, give people something to spend it on.


I am not sure what I think about the economy balanceing, but I am pretty sure that most people don’t have as much gold as they would like.
I personally may not spend gold right away on something and instead wait for the next level increase. I imagine a fair amount of the people who have more than they can spend are waiting for the next level cap increase and new heroes so they can be ready for them.

If it is inflation I think it might be better to instead tune it the other way in the sense that both the skill cost and gold gain are tuned down and made a bit more manageable. While I don’t know if it is a good idea or not, but introducing a currency that is worth 1 million gold and gold can be converted into that currency could be an idea. That way the gold currency can be kept in check I would believe, so could be something to consider maybe.

Other than that I think Darkwing Duck is a really interesting and fun inclusion, and looking forward to unlock his stories ^^.


@Polaris How many stars is darkwing duck? That info is always missed whne announced new heroes… but since he is only diamond crates (at least now) i guess is 1*…


Do you not know how expensive skills are? 75k a piece at max level - four skills worth 75k is one entirely completed normal city watch worth of gold. It’s pure stupidity that’s what it is. The amount of XP that it takes to level up not only heroes but in general is too high as it is - it takes me upwards of a week to level up once player level wise! The money hoarding and xp hoarding you see is because you never know when a new update will be released and you’ll have a whole new hero to work towards that requires a god awful amount of coin and xp. Thanks for the consideration you put into everything you do, but look at it from a players perspective for once, eh?


…yay TV characters can be added…nothing standing in the way now…plz add Mulan, Rapunzel, and Edna Mode next :grin:


This is crazy, I am hoping you listen to the increasing number of people who have a problem with this perblue. This has been a very fun game but this will do nothing but widen the gap between big spenders and everyone else. I’m in sales and marketing, I get trying to stimulate buyers into spending more but this is not the solution.


Having been screwed over by EA for a long time playing FIFA, I’ve seen quite a few mistakes made. Listen to the people that actually plays your game instead of trying to reinvent it with life-changing new ideas. At some point, the community will turn against you, PerBlue.


What on earth are you talking about? Raising xp and gold costs at higher levels? The more and more content that is added to the game (heroes, modes, etc) is a call for INCREASED rewards to keep up.



I’m typically a positive person. Like to give PB the benefit of the doubt and like to see the good in the game and how it is run. And there is a lot of positivity to be had here. Fixes to bugs introduced in 1.6.4, nerfs (though I would rather have buffs to lesser used heroes) to meta consuming heroes. And the introduction of one of the most requested characters I have seen on the forums.

However, the increase to hero xp and skill gold cost, simply put. Is. Not. Needed. Now here is why:

  1. The listed reason is to

This will not fix that problem. Whales will still hoard resources and will still be able to jump to the new caps immediately. The rest of the, let’s be generous and say 90% of the “dolphins”, freemium, and f2p are only going to be stretched thinner and thinner.

  1. The nerfs to the heroes will make the return on investment less than what players will have originally guessed. Baymax and Quorra have been dominate for the meta on most servers basically since their introduction. So now you have heroes that a vast majority invested cut by a decent amount. We don’t know if these nerfs will take them out of meta or not but what we do know is that they are significantly weaker than most would’ve imagined when they first started investing in. Now this wouldn’t be such a big issue if it didnt mean that players may suddenly have to raise another hero to fill that spot. Which now that doing so will be more expensive will only exacerbate the low income the game gives you.

This just simply isn’t a smart move by any standpoint. If the idea is to make more money than that will not happen with players quitting everyday. If there were more forms of income in the game then maybe this would make sense but that would then just be two steps forward and two steps back. A net zero. Overall this has got to be a blindside bigger than 6* and one far more destructive. Now this will not be enough for me to leave the game. However with such a baffling direction shift I do not fault those who do quit the game as a result of this.


Who framed roger rabbit was not a Disney film, it was a touchstone film with collaboration of Warner Brothers films so unfortunately it would not be under the Disney franchise to be added.


@Polaris - PLEASE read this! I’m offering an alternative that may suit everyone better, rather than JUST complaining (yes, there is a little complaining, because the proposed update is ridiculously bad for everyone)…

Who’s hoarding all this Gold?! I’m not even ANYWHERE NEAR as close to having the 45+ toons maxxed, NOT! EVEN! CLOSE! And as you can see, TL 91, so this change to the economics won’t affect hoarders, it’ll barely affect the top of the top whales, it will only affect the hard grafters who are already burned out and find it VERY difficult to get enough gold to keep 15 toons maxxed…

Rather than punishing those players because some people choose to hoard Gold, why not just stop including Gold in purchase packs? Or better yet, make the Gold Crates more valuable, they have not been updated since day 1, add energy packs and memories, add better badges and more character chips, make them more worthwhile!! Then people won’t hoard gold, and other players won’t be punished, and everyone has a choice how to spend their gold…

Skills already cost so much for the VERY low amounts of gold we get, so don’t increase the cost for skills, instead, give players who hoard it something worth spending it on!


Seriously. On sever 2 the gold hoarding thing is only true for those players who already hit 100. Im 97 and i dont even have 15 heroes with max skills yet for lack of gold. So this “wonderfull idea to fix things” will hurt the smaller players like me and not do anything to those who have tons of gold stacked up. Want them to spend it?? Make those challeng things available with gold. A big amount . And make a challenge leaderboard so they will most likely want to be on it… Make more costumes and sell them for gold. Make them spend it instead of hoard it!


Also GREAT suggestions rather than punishing everyone by making it even harder to level up!


They have to change it again that cant be done we are out of gold already


Honestly all this anti-hoarding idea will do is make me hoard even MORE!!

The reason I ‘hoard’ up resources between levels is not because I have nothing to spend it on, it’s because it takes so darn much to maintain even my coli team that if I don’t save up, I’ll never keep them all up. Now it’s going to take even more, therefore I’ll have to start hoarding even earlier after reaching each level. Ridiculous and as a result the majority of my heroes will never get used


Why do you care whether or not someone spends their XP points or gold? The player earned or purchased that gold and those XP points. Don’t they have aright where and when to spend it? That’s called strategy. So now your trying to control strategy? I spend a lot of money on this game, really way more than I should. Do you really think these types of changes will get me to spend more? Quite the opposite. These are the same reasons I quit a similar game. You guys are going to run this fun game into the ground. Very unhappy!


Neither. I always seem to have enough gold for whatever I want to accomplish.


Stop lvl Cap, people are giving up, abandoning the game.
What??? Gold and xp Cult down??? you are crazy??
Really? There will not be one left in the game.