Update 1.8.2-A Patch Notes


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.8.2-A

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.8.2-A Update! This release features a number of Invasion improvements and fixes for servers 1 and 3!

Invasion Update

We’ve received a lot of good feedback from players on servers 1 and 3. In general, feedback is positive: people enjoy playing the battles, working with their guilds and receiving the rewards.

We feel like Invasion is close to being ready for all servers, but we’d like to make one more adjustment pass with the following changes:

More progress reward tiers

  • Server 1 now has tiers 21-27 and Server 3 has tiers 19-25
  • We’re seeing a decent number of players max out their progress rewards; this will give top players more runway
  • None of the existing tiers have been changed; we’ve simply added 6 more tiers (and rewards!) after the last tier

The Invasion shop now “evolves” each day of the Invasion

  • On day 1, we’ll have a few less things on sale in the shop
    • This is meant to decrease the amount of time needed to play Invasion on the first day
    • We also made a change with 1.8.2 where the Invasion shop’s first refresh doesn’t occur until 24 hours after Invasion starts, which is aimed at the same goal
  • From there, the shop will offer better and more deals on power-ups, breakers, and revives as the week goes on
    • We hope this will allow players to 1) get further as Invasion gets harder, 2) catch up if they fall behind and 3) remove some of the pressure to do everything on the first day
    • Free power-ups will increase with each shop refresh
    • But prices for power-ups, breakers, and revives that can be bought for diamond are more expensive overall

More power-ups in the Supply Crates

  • We’ve beefed up the power-up rewards in crates 2-6, and particularly in 4-6

The boss “participation” reward now drops a random consumable

  • This is instead of always dropping a revive
  • We wanted to reduce the number of revives available overall a bit here

Players will now start with only 40 stamina

  • This is also meant to slow the day 1 rush
  • It also means you aren’t penalized if you don’t log in right when the Invasion starts

These changes will be implemented with a server update on Monday morning, April 8, and will be active during the invasion that starts that day.


This is Pathetic
Server Update: 11:35 CT 4/8

Does it mean that if Invasion worked out fine, it will be released in all servers at the same time?

And will this update be at servers 1 and 3 only since they are the only server with Invasion.



This kinda feels like the exact opposite of the feedback given by server 3.



I hope the daily Invasion quest requirement will be changed to match (30 stamina instead of the current 60, especislly if you’re halving the total stamina from ~80 to 40)



This. If the goal is to make it so you only have to play invasion once a day, this will make it so you have to play twice a day to get sixty spent stamina for the quest, unless the quest itself is also changed.



Disagree. This does match a lot of feedback. Nice pb



Not true. The point of starting out with 40 instead of all 80 is so that people who can’t play the moment invasion becomes available (like me and others who work for a living) don’t lose out gaining stanima.

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Also it is starting stamina not total cap. So you dont have to play twice, just figure out the time when it hits 60 and you can play then or wait till much later and it will be full at 80.




20 characters

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Sorry but Monday isn’t 8? Because Sunday we are going to receive Hercules as log in hero.



:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Yes, Monday April 8.



Or people who sleep in. Like me.

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Where’s invasion and mods on server 2 date?



It wasn’t a demand, only question



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That’s mean server 14 to? I realy want to play invasion😍



If you all keep slowing it down, u all will have more and more people just not play invasion at all. Youve already lost a lot players. Its exciting now. The teams you battle keep gaining power faster than your heroes can. My hubby and I pretty much stop playing after 2nd days cause we get stuck and can’t do any breaker fights for 2 days while we wait for more power ups…even after buying all the power ups possible and he’s in the top 100. If he’s getting stuck, I cant imagine how all the other lower players feel. You’re not improving invasion, you are making it harder and making it worse