Update 1.8.A Patch Notes


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.8.A

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.8.A Update! This release features a few important bug fixes that came out of the 1.8 release earlier this week.

Bug Fixes

  • There was a bug with the Queen of Hearts that made her base skill power not scale off her star level and hero level. We fixed this. To keep her balanced, we had to lower the base armor, HP threshold, and max HP on her green, blue, and purple skills but this will have no effect on her skills when she is maxed out.
  • Gaston’s “Tough Training” Memories have been restored in the Memory Market, and no longer appear as mod fragments (there must have been a glitch in the system :wink:).
  • Weekly Challenges lost progress when we did the 1.8 update. To accommodate this, we’re reducing the number of days required to complete the current challenges.
  • We added line breaks to chat to improve communication. You will no longer be able to use line breaks to bypass the chat filters.

Server Update: 18:30 CT 3/7
1.8 Known Issues

So over than restire memories in the memory market we will get our memories back?


Yes! Mod Fragments will be removed from your inventory and the memories restored.


Thats great! Will finally complete my gaston disk!


Update complete! :tada:


Great work on fixing the bugs @Polaris! Keep up the great work! :grin: