Update 1.8 Patch Notes


800! Here is your book, David.


Do not update until they pull servers offline.


Wait for the server notice or you’re gonna have a bad time.


Well dang I still dont have it :confused:


google publishing person: Im trying to push the app, but I want to finish catching up on all these comments first

    1. List itemtenor gifs now Wow


Yeah please wait or there will be chaos


Go to your apps and you’ll see updates pending.
Edit: but as others stated don’t click yet


So is the update gonna be soon?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph::triumph::triumph::rage::rage::rage:


Oh, I see it that way! That’s exciting! :grinning:


Ok, last reply and I’m done with you.
First, no offense? So you didn’t mean to offend anyone but saying you’re laughing at everyone who downloaded the update? I doubt that
Second, when the store lists the update as update, that implies it’s ready to update. So how were people to know it wasn’t ready? You click on available updates and it’s listed, so you update. That’s how ALL other apps work in the Apple store. So please stop pretending you know something others didn’t.
Third, the game is ready to update, the only reason it didn’t is Google hasn’t made it available in their store. PB obviously assumed it would be based on Polaris comment saying it normally is available 30 minutes after they pushed it.
Last, what compensation are you referring to? I only said I missed out on my free stamina. Yes I think they should provide it, after all, they made the push and that is them telling us the updates ready. Everyone else who didn’t update got their free stamina, so how why would they send it to those people as well? So they get it twice? Sorry, but that makes no sense.


Update 1.8 is looking excellent! Looking forward to covering the new heroes. Speaking of, which Alice in Wonderland hero is everyone looking forward to the most?

  • Alice
  • Mad Hatter
  • Queen of Hearts

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Apparently Google does not like me. Even restarted my phone. Because really that was going to help :crazy_face:


Even if you have the update, don’t update. You will get locked out of the game.


You say it as if you didn’t have to attack me 5 times in 5 minutes to beat me.


wow nice updates!

i still hope they add Kim Possible characters and Star vs evil forces :slight_smile:


It will be at least 3-5 more hours before servers are updated in live , they won’t take them down during peak paying I mean playing hours.


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