Update 2.0.10-A Patch Notes

This update features some bug fixes following the 2.0.10 update. This is a server update only.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where Megara could link with herself if Mulan was on the team. This is a temporary fix, as the full fix will require a full game update. Until we can release a full patch, the following will happen
    • You will not be able to start battle with white rarity Mulan and Megara on your attacking team.
    • We will remove white rarity Mulan from defending lineups when combat begins.
    • White rarity Mulan will be removed from City Watch and Surge Lineups
  • Fixed a bug in Endless Creep Surge where the raid button would be functional even if the team power was not high enough

We’re scheduling this server update for 7:45 PM CT June 9.


It works with Purple Mulan though :confused:

The bug fix is somewhat worthless


Yeah don’t understand Meg will link with herself what ever rarity ?

My Mulan and Meg are R9 other heroes you need to use we’re all red too

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All mulans except white have the beginning of wave rockets (which I think is the cause). My guess is they are coding mulan herself to do that instead of making it a skill. So they disable white mulan to keep people from using a green skill with a white level hero.


We are adjusting Megara’s position to be back further, and our testing shows that the link error only happened with white rarity Mulan.


No… my Mulan is orange, can confirm it’s happening

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Still don’t understand do they mean above white rarity Mulan would be removed as that would make more sense to me as above white you can use the green skill which is probably causing all the problems?

can you fix the crashes that occur during Arena, Coli, Campaign, Surge, Trials, and Guild War???

Works with any Mulan I literally posted a spar in my guilds chat with a

Red Meg, Red Mulan Red Wicked Witch, Red Jafar and Red Yzma

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We server 9 havent had Endless Surge… is this a bug or intentional?

Sorry I wasn’t clear, it is happening to all rarity Mulan right now, but after our fix, moving Megara back, it was only happening to white rarity Mulan, which is why we’re taking the steps to remove her from lineups.


Ok understand now thanks for the quick fix

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Once your current Surge ends, it will automatically change you to Endless Creep Surge.


Our last Surge ended before update last night. Is this the reason our current Surge isn’t Endless?

How about not having friendship quest for eeyore to complete to get to level two?! (Newest update gave an additional toon friendship with Eeyore)

Well this update was unexpected, but at least it is a server update…Nice to see that some bugs are being fixed.

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Checked with the team and it looks like since your Surge ended before the update, you didn’t get the flag to trigger the Endless Surge, so you have to complete this one more and then you’ll get Endless starting at 11 AM tomorrow.


This was fixed with a stat update earlier today, so the mission should now be available.


My Mulan is red. Can confirm this is happening with her. I am currently at the top of my arena with a team less than 200k in a grouping that normally averages 700k per player. I am using red Mulan, red Meg, and 2 purple heroes.

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