Update 2.2 Patch Notes

They were not even confirmed or datamined, so why would you ask that. This is a really nice update!

that’s actually good move, some top guilds were over-using this exploit.


Very great Red Skill. I like it!
But Judy’s Deputize duration is too short…


Wow… well you guys certainly have shut me up from the last update that I complained about. Nice work with this one PB!

Still have my concerns with war matchmaking but there’s always room for improvement and I am happy with this update and the general work behind improving the game. Thank you and keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:


You could use Kevin Flynn (but with red skill). He can extend the length of it.

Surprised we didn’t get mother gothel alongside Maximus! But looks like Polaris’ gif was a hint for another tangled character! Looks cool though!


There’s a lot of you saying that this update is good. New hero. More gold. Sure there good and all.

However, without changes to stamina cost and without changes to skills, this update seems a bit pointless. I’d wanna see changes to stamina for both the update and game to be slightly more viable to play.

However, nice try from polaris


Yep! Mother Gothel would be awesome! No Pascal in the game it looks like which is disappointing, but if Mushu can come as his own tiny but mighty powerhouse, so can Pascal.


As can the rescue rangers

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@Polaris When is the gold for port gonna increase?


Thanks for the advice. Kevin maybe makes Judy more useful. However, other support heroes have a long duration without Kevin’s help.

WeeeeHaw Maximus Here…

Good Update…Bug fixes…
Hiros Red Skill…WoW…Maybe I can rework him
Gizmo refresh (WoW Just WoW)
Invasion Rewards increase in future update!(WoW Very cool)
(Still disappointed No Kim ,Kermit,Anna)

And No rework to deals… :frowning:
Players will still strike…
No change in gift deals.

Incredible Update 9/10


Maybe Its One of Happeiest day for @Phaldow
Hiro’s Red Skill

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I hope this changes Felix by a lot.



One step closer to Mother Gothel!!!


Why?!?!?!? I really wanted to add him to my Tangled team :sob:

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Have the people at PB who write skillsets completely run out of ideas? There’s some form of dodge and/or counter on nearly every new frontliner. Get some new material, geez.

Okay, but I’m still highly skeptical. This had better be good. The vagueness for the amounts makes it impossible to tell.

Again, I’m skeptical. I’d help if this was a little more detailed than a single sentence. Hopefully “streamlining” means the mod piece tiers will be compacted. :thinking:

Boy oh boy, an extra 7,000 gold from check in and each daily quest! Gee, thanks perblue!

War crates are few and far between. For an entire season, I’ll choose gold maybe 4 or 5 times. An extra 3mil (being generous) gold over the course of a month doesn’t go far for me on S19, and it’s chump change on high servers.

The other changes are equally disappointing.

The majority of the playerbase: Enough of the terrible solo deals and guild gifts, we want change! Give us actual value for our money!

The part of the playerbase asking for QoL features: Let us favorite heroes! Give us more sorting options for missions!

PerBlue doing random junk no one asked for or cares about:


This update is SUPER good, in MANY ways!

He’s ok :+1:

Sounds great!

Sounds like she’s getting new utilities. Good :grin:

Not exactly what I thought, but sounds pretty promising as he’ll be able to gain skill power faster and faster :grin: :tada:

Pretty basic. Might be decent.

A little too OP maybe, especially with Pooh, but he needed an improvement :+1:

This is really promising :grin: :grin: :grin:

Sounds great.

Finally on all servers! :partying_face:

Hmm let’s see…

I like this

Fair enough. Still no dodging disables or stealing berserk, but this is a great update so no need to complain :+1:


The reduced merc cost is good, cant see the other ones making a difference yet.
The buy gold feature is what it is, buy gold so those are not really given. We gave to spend diamonds on them
And the 50% increase from check in/war/daily quests is not enough to be helpful i guess.


The only red among the characters who got red skill is Hiro.And his RS is pretty OK.

Best Thing…I did surge with no hires…As i thought Hiring mercs was net loss to me
But With Increased rewards and Merc Cost reduction ,i m really happy
Thanks alot @Polaris and PB team for this change…

That is not much of impact.

Ah I Gave a feedback of same thing.And happy that it would be really beneficial.And happy u r really listening us.

Thanks It was realy hard to get more cosmetic levels with Cosmetic crates…as i got only dupes…Ugh

Thanks! Now I can pair Pooh amd Tron :wink:

Can we know what we ll get as bonus @Polaris ? I m losing my patience haha.


Lots of really good bits in this update!!

Let’s have a peruse…

Ok :man_shrugging: we do have rather a lot of front line heroes who can “dodge a melee attack and counter”. Hopefully he won’t be too strong!

This seems silly and a bit of a cop out for not having worked on a different hero refresh - it could easily have been done back when he was nerfed to appease the player base a bit. Still, hopefully it make a him a bit stronger.

Sounds pretty good!

Sounds quite niche, but he’s already strong against Randall so hopefully this expands on that

Probably quite good, though I haven’t used Felix enough to judge

Doesn’t sound that useful :frowning_face: hopefully the stats and secondary bonuses will be strong to make up for it

Good, the rewards are in dire need of a rework - looking forward to seeing them!

Rather meaningless, but it’s something…

Again, rather meaningless but it’s something

GREAT!! This should help those with smaller rosters earn much more net gold from surge.

uh… eh??? It wasn’t implemented? Can we trust that everything detailed in these patch notes is going to be implemented? O.o

FINALLY!! This was pretty much the last piece of the endless creep surge puzzle. Thanks!


It would be really helpful if we were able to view the logs from the previous surge during the intermission time

These seem a bit ‘whatever’, but hopefully it improves the UX. The dark overlay is nice.

More free stuff is always good!

These generally look pretty helpful - especially the ‘needed’ icon. Many times I’ve had to delve a dozen layers deep to find out what bit i was missing for a craft

I’m not sure I understand what this means - that the hero will open on the tab of (level, skills, badges, mods, disks) that was last viewed? Isn’t that what it does already? :thinking:


Great!!! Our influence tracking has been all messed up by it not counting, and some guilds have had to burn it by changing name thousands of times. A really helpful change. More ways to actually spend influence would still be very welcome, though.

Uh, I assume this is only if one actually updates their defence with the new disk? I don’t want to be swapping disks for invasion or general battles and find that my Arena defence has been changed for the next day :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, cool

Bug fixes are always welcome.

Overall good job, lots of helpful things :slight_smile:

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