Update 2.2 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.2

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.2 Update! This release features Maximus from Disney’s Tangled, Endless Creep Surge on all servers, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • Maximus from Disney’s Tangled
  • Hero Refresh for Gizmoduck
  • New Red Skills, Endless Creep Surge on all servers, quality of life improvements and bug fixes!


Maximus is a front-line “Tank” hero. Maximus will only be available in Diamond Crates on all servers!


Sword Swat
Maximus draws his sword and points it at enemies, increasing his and allies’ basic damage and studying enemies. Maximus then strikes at the closest enemy, dealing damage.

Apple Attack
Maximus eats an apple and spits the core at the nearest enemy, healing himself and dealing damage.

Horse Kick
Maximus dodges a melee attack and counters, dealing damage and stunning nearby enemies. Maximus can dodge a melee attack once every few seconds.

Follow Your Nose
Maximus marks the enemy with the most basic damage, studying them for the remainder of the wave. Studied enemies also deal less damage to Maximus.

Loyal Steed
“Sword Swat” also grants Maximus and frontline allies stacks of hardy and midline and backline heroes skill power that lasts a duration. Maximus and his allies receive a percent of their basic damage as reality.


  • Maximus and Flynn Rider
  • Maximus and Timon & Pumbaa

Hero Refresh


Do you hear that? That’s the sweet sound of a surprise Hero Refresh! Gizmoduck recently had his Memory Disk reworked and we wanted to give him a boost to help balance him out.

Gizmoduck is a great support hero whose specialty is stealing armor from enemies and giving it to himself. The more armor Gizmoduck has, the harder he is to KO and the better he buffs his allies, making him a great counter to any armor heavy team. The changes we’ve made to him push him harder into this niche and expands his utility in PvP and Invasion.


Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Signal Boost
Gizmoduck grants allies in front of him a percent of his armor for a duration. He also grants himself and allies behind him a percent of his armor as basic damage and a percent of his armor as skill power for a duration.

  • Buffs from Gizmoduck’s armor are all increased
  • The basic damage buff is now equal to a percent of Gizmoduck’s armor

Suit Scan
Gizmoduck studies the closest enemy for a duration, also dealing damage and stealing armor up to a maximum.

  • Increased damage
  • Increased maximum armor stolen

Powerful Pull
Gizmoduck uses his telescopic arm to pull the enemy with the most skill power to himself, dealing damage and studying them.

  • Damage increased

Calculated Move
Every time an enemy is studied, or an ally or Gizmoduck uses their White Skill, Gizmoduck gains armor. Gizmoduck keeps a percentage of this armor from wave to wave.

  • Increased armor gained
  • Gizmoduck now also gains armor when an ally or Gizmoduck uses their White Skill
  • Gizmoduck now keeps a percent of this buff from wave to wave

Gaggle of Gadgets
When Gizmoduck uses “Signal Boost”, allies in front of Gizmoduck also gain a shield. When Gizmoduck reaches a percent of his Max HP, allies are healed for a percent of Gizmoduck’s armor over a duration.

  • Increased shield HP
  • Increased percent of Gizmoduck’s armor allies are healed for
  • Increased skill power, max HP, and armor from additional stat boosts

Gizmoduck’s Memory Disks

“Freewheeling” from Duke Caboom

  • Increased maximum armor steal per memory disk star level
  • Increased skill power and armor per memory disk level
  • This memory disk now makes Gizmoduck invincible for a duration when he steals armor from an enemy with “Suit Scan”

“Duck Gear” from Launchpad McQuack

  • Increased armor gained for allies from “Calculated Move” per memory disk star level
  • Increased max HP to red team allies and HP healed when allies damage a studied enemy per memory disk level
  • Gizmoduck and allies now gain energy whenever they damage a studied enemy per memory disk star level

New Red Skills

Judy Hopps
Officer’s Cheer
Whenever Judy uses “Deputize”, she also inspires allies with an additional Energy, Tenacity, and stacks of Hardy. After reviving from “Play Dead”, Judy Studies all enemies. Attacks that do Normal damage always crit against studied enemies.

Hiro Hamada
Robot Evasion
“Analyze” gives Hiro and Megabot an improved chance to dodge attacks instead of the usual dodge against invisible enemies.When Hiro or Megabot dodges an attack, the remaining cooldown of “Microbot Stun” is reduced.

Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Healing Hammer
Felix also heals all allies below a percent of their max HP “Fix It, Felix!.” “Fix It, Felix!” also removes a number of debuffs with the longest remaining durations from each ally healed by “Fix It, Felix!."

A Good Hustle
Slowed Enemies deal less damage. Whenever an ally or enemy is knocked back, Finnick gains skill power. Finnick retains a portion of this skill power between waves. The effects of this skill are stronger when the slow or knockback source isn’t Finnick.

Invasion Rewards

  • We aren’t adding new tiers or rewards to Invasion with this update because we’re streamlining and increasing the rewards with the 2.2.10 update. :tada:

Other Improvements

  • More gold!
    • Daily Quests/War/Guild Check-In gold increased by 50%
    • 4x more gold from the Buy More Gold Feature
    • Reduced cost to hire mercenaries by 50%
  • Endless Creep Surge
    • Now available on all servers! Check out the preview here. Guilds transitioning to Endless Creep Surge may do a short old Surge after the update before they transition to the new Creep Surge.
    • Improvements
      • In 2.1.10 we said we were increasing the overall gold earned per battle. This wasn’t implemented with that update, so the gold earned is being increased with this update.
      • After defeating a district, the player will immediately gain the gold earned. At the end of the Creep Surge, the bonus gold will be awarded based on the multiplier earned.
        • For any Endless Creep Surges in progress before the update, we will be sending out the gold for the districts defeated, and the gold at the end will only be the bonus gold.
        • Note that the gold at the end of Surge will now be less, but the total gold earned across Surge will be the same.
      • The guild bonus will now be displayed as a percent, rather than a multiplier. The amount is the same, just in a better format.
      • To help improve server stability, the intermission at the end of Endless Creep Surge is being extended to 15 minutes.
  • Side menu changes
    • The side menu can now stay open when you’re on the main screen. There is an option in the settings to set it to keep the current function of hiding automatically.
      • This will help you reach commonly used buttons like heroes and quests faster!
    • Whenever the side menu prevents the rest of the screen from being interacted with, there is now a minor screen dim.
  • New campaign map rewards
    • The first time you complete a major node in campaign chapters 1 through 7, there’s a bonus reward!
    • If you’ve already completed those campaign nodes before this update, the rewards will be sent to you through the game mailbox after the update.
  • Improvements to Badge Crafting
    • Go directly to the campaign stage from the Collect Here list.
      • This will skip the campaign chapter screen, making farming a bit more efficient.
    • New ‘Needed’ icon on the badge screen
      • This will take you through the crafting tree to that badge, saving you some taps. (Will take into account powercrafting.)
    • Favorite farming stage
      • A heart will appear next to the last campaign node that you farmed for that badge. This should make it easier for you to keep track of which stage you prefer to farm for a particular badge.
  • The Hero Page will now remember the last tab you viewed
    • When you open the Hero Page from the main menu, it will open to the tab that you were last on automatically, even if you change heroes
  • Added the hero chip progression information to opening crates if you open 15 or fewer
  • Influence earned by guild members has been updated.
    • It will now track influence earned this week, last week, and the player’s lifetime.
      • The week starts on Monday at 5 AM CT
      • This week and last week will start tracking influence earned with the release. It won’t have information for influence displayed prior to the update.
    • This will continue to track influence gained even if the guild is at max influence.
  • The Arena and Coliseum cool down timer will now be triggered when Memory Disks are changed on a hero in the defensive lineup.
  • Added the VIP progress bar to the Event window for any purchases that grant VIP Rings.
  • Weekly challenges can now repeat
    • You’ll earn challenge tokens again
    • If you already have the sticker, you’ll earn cosmetic points
  • We’ve added challenge stickers avatars to cosmetic collections

Bug Fixes

  • Hero Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Jafar and Magica could get stuck in a loop using their white skills
    • Tron’s white skill will no longer remove stacks of Hunny or Mosquitoes from opponents
    • Fixed a bug where Pooh’s Hunny was not functioning like a debuff. It will now be prevented by Hardy or removed by other skills that clear debuffs.
    • Fixed a bug where Pooh’s Hunny stuck around after he was KO’ed
    • Fixed a display issue with Shank’s blue skill where it was displaying the wrong amount of time for the damage to the enemy. It lasts 8 seconds and the skill will now say that.
    • Fixed an issue where the shield from a mod upgrade on Powerline was applied before he entered combat. Shields are now applied after the hero’s entrance is finished.
  • Fixed an issue where using the “Raid Max” option in Trials only counted as one raid in a challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where some Android players were not able to watch videos.
  • Fixed a few issues with war entrances and minions that could cause the battle to stop and entrance animations to run again.
  • Fixed an issue where opponents could be missed as targets for combat control buffs if they were moving or summoned minions.
    • For example, if an enemy were moving at the start of combat, they would not have been affected by Elsa’s Trail-Breakers disk.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-22 Update

New Hero

  • Maximus will only be available in Diamond Crates

Existing Hero

  • King Louie will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update, which is currently planned for Tuesday, August 4.


Yay! We’re getting Maximus! But boo, only available in diamond crates.


Really looking forward to him! Do ya think he’ll be good?


I hope he is good

Um, okay

You seriously just nerfed him, but he did need a buff, you know who needs a buff




Pretty sneaky since they just pulled him out of shops, but I will have to double check.


Yay! New red skills!

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I know you’ve been waiting @Phal


Oh, poor Duck!
He won’t study all enemies :frowning:

But refresh, apart from this ‘lack’ seems nice, very nice!

Judy’s and Finnick’s red skill seems great! Finally, it’s on!

down down

Maximus :face_vomiting:



The refresh is to make up for it. But it looks amazing

@Polaris Does Basil gets his 2nd disk?
His current one is very bad.


We weren’t promised anything


With this update, it looks like PB is listening to us, so whatever we were doing we gotta keep it up!

I like the skills, but I will need to look at details to see if he will be worth it or not, or OP or anti-meta or something.

Again, kind of sneaky, but the resources people used on him will no longer go to waste.

This will be really nice when that comes!

Ok, gold still could be a problem, but this is good for everyone!

Looking forward to this! Hopefully it will be good, since I have heard it is underwhelming.

Do not seem needed, but ok!

I hope they are great and extend this to more chapters.

This could be nice.

Hoping this improves crashes.


First of all, it’s a surprise to see the patch notes released this early.

Huh, never expected him to show up. His skill set looks pretty solid!

Mix thoughts about this. It’s kind of odd that he’ll get refreshed since he got his armor capped, and that there are other heroes who are in desperate need of a refresh, but It’s ok. Hopefully this will boost him into PvP and potentially make invasion much more easier.

Meh. I can’t obtain them because I don’t have any reds.

This is a step in the right direction, but there are other factors of the mode that should be considered.

Endless creep surge is coming to all servers: ok.
Campaign awards for completing levels: ok.
Literally everything else about this patch notes: ok.

Overall, a decent update. However it is ignoring a few elements. ahem BASIL.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you!


I have noticed they have been earlier, but I like it that way!

Totally, I just need more info before I can see if it is worth using my F2P resources on him.

Same, but when we unlock red, we will have access to more than others did!

IKR. This is good.

Great update in my opinion!

Some great quality of life fixes.



Me to Easy Challenges:

What if they are already complete?


This is an incredible update. 9/10 just because 1 small thing.



He’s a HORSE!!!

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