Update 2.4.10 Known Issues

I think you need a little reading comprehension, the skill in question says: “Shank deals damage to enemies for 8 seconds. She recovers 50% of the damage done by this ability. "

Translation: The damage she deals over 8 seconds will be healed for 8 seconds, so it heals over time.

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@Polaris I think Div 5 Challenger Rule is bugged.
After Using There white No Hero gains Energy throughout the battle…They Just Draw the fight then
IF Its Bug You all should fix it,
My Tron(Fl) is 4 stars and once it activates His white , in remaining battle he doesnt even re activate his white and gain 200 energy…

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Various parts of the game are way too slow and it is getting on my nerves. I wish i could play bug free at least one day. I used to be a dolphin but man, you really gotta earn those commissions.

That’s exactly what the division rule does…

Whaat? It Says Energy Gain Is 100% Slower.
So If It Takes ‘X’ Time for Activation Of White Skill
So It would take now 2X Time?
If I understand right.

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Yeah, after some playtesting (which in retrospect I should have done first but oh well lol), I see what you mean.

I still wish that it were more clear, like “Shank heals… over 8 seconds,” considering they’ve done that with other hero skills, but eh, what can you do? :man_shrugging:


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No. It just there is no energy gain :eyes:

Its Written Energy Gain is 100% Slower :flushed:

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100% Slow = Stun/Stop :eyes:

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@Polaris my Black Market doesn’t refresh after 9pm like it used to after update. Is this intended? Other markets work just fine.

Did you guys perhap change something?

presumably it doesn’t refresh at 9pm now because of this :man_shrugging:

@Polaris Cheshire Cat has the same bug that Hook & Beast etc. used to have when being slowed.

The duration of his invincibility is increased when he is slowed :scream:


The math doesn’t work that way forwards and backwards. Say the speed is 10, 100% more would be +10, which does work out to be doubled x2, but if it was slowed 100% it would be -10, which would be 0.
X2 as slow would be a speed of 5 or 50%

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Yes 100% slower should essentially mean that energy gain is reduced to zero.

To be honest there are many areas in the game where poor grammar lends itself into interpretation issues and confusion as to how a skill or status affect works. Someone should vet these better


Why? 100% slower means 100% less… 100 - 100 = 0. It’s not that hard to understand.


Then why not state “heroes do not gain energy” “zero energy gain” and many more better ways to word it


If you eat 100% less food than you do now, how much food would that be? If 1/2, then what would 50% be?

If I 100 dollars and lose 50%, how much do I have?
So then what if I lose 100%?


Not sure if it’s a bug, but Fear sometime uses his blue skill when having no allies, which gives no effect.


will add some screen shots shortly… but FYI Surge is currently letting me hire the same merc twice in a row…

This is The isssue since MercSystem was introduced.
So it Benefits :wink: So Why Ya Complan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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