Update 2.4.10 Known Issues

Here are the new issues we’re currently tracking after the 2.4.10 update.

  • We’re investigating the reports of lag or slowness in the game.
  • Powerline is being KO’d before entering combat.

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Just to be sure… Fear’s stats are right?


Duration of Baloo’s dance was reduced?
He dances for 2/3 seconds and then stops.


I realize the statement for fears passive white skill says “fear is always scared” but is it intentional to start him with a scare debuff? Seams a little odd to make him subject to crits at start.

His purple skill protects him from crits… and anyways, it is to fit his character :man_shrugging:


Yeah he just insta dies from Cheshire and Ian in arena… lol

Not sure if this can be classified as bug, but why is the game so slow in hero items(badge) list? I have about 1s lag when accessing this screen while other screens in hero detail are OK

His purple skill marginally protects him from crits.

It wasn’t reduced, but I did pass the video to the team to figure out what’s happening. They are looking into it.


His purple skill is broken, it allows to reduce crit damage by 100%.

Another nerf to study heroes, just great… :roll_eyes:

“100%” isn’t “marginally”…

Minor correction: Fear’s green skill triggers when he reaches 10 stacks of Dread and consumes 7 stacks, so realistically the reduction won’t go over 90%. And I don’t think there’s any way to just keep him at 9 stacks of Dread once he gets there, so it’s more like the reduction varies from 10% to 90%, probably with a mean of 60%. Which is still powerful, but not exactly 100%.

Miracle called stun on 10 stacks, and even 70-100% reduction is way too big, gosh, even 50% is dreadful.


Worst part is that Fear has practically no form of Evasion…

I’m sorry, what?

It won’t reach 100%, though; but yes, it could well be that even a value as “low” as 50% reduction is OP. That’s why I’m concerned about Timon & Pumbaa’s red skill.

Interesting that y’all keep saying that Fear’s purple skill is broken because it will weaken crits and super crits yet Timon can do the same with Hakuna Matata… which could make it worse considering their red skill can activate Hakuna Matata a lot more often when a buff is stolen from an ally
Wonder what y’all will think when a certain hero comes in the near future and how broken they sound👀

They are saying that stuns exist :no_mouth:

If Fear is stunned, yes

Fear doesn’t block crits or super crits. He completely diminishes the damage from crits.

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Hm, true, if Fear is stunned or silenced and keeps accumulating Dread without being able to use his green skill, that could cause him to end up with 10 or more stacks. I wonder if that’s something the dev team considered and tested.

I’m also wondering if we’re getting too far off topic here. :confused:

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Or frozen, shrunk, and kidnapped :eyes:

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