Update 2.4 Known Issues

Confirmed Joy’s red skill is not blocking Tron’s white skill from clearing buffs.


And I was so excited to use it in combat :sweat:

Is it not working for Colette and Randall who also remove buffs?

@Polaris Was the new ailment, “Bothered,” removed from Disgust’s skillset because it was too similar to Weakness?

Definitely Not
Disgust makes a face at the first enemy who KO’s one of her allies, dealing damage to them and causing them to become “Bothered”.

Bothered enemies deal less damage and take more damage.


Yeah, looks like Joy’s red skill isn’t working fully.



The list hero view is STILL broken on iPads

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Game keeps freezing. have to force close it everytime


We have a quick fix for the Friend Stamina Item issue but there will be a few things to note until we can do a full fix.

  1. You will not be able to see Friend Stamina Items in your inventory. You can access these items by tapping on Friend Stamina in the campaign.
  2. You may see a delay between when you use the item and when the stamina number increases. We’re doing this fix on the server, so it takes the client a short time to catch up.

@Polaris. Can we get confirmation on meg being able to share reflect. I’ve tested it and can’t, but someone shared with me a screenshot of it being shared


Could they also please change back the sorting of Friend Missions by Type to show memory missions first and then disk power?
Or give the option of which one you want?


@Polaris any status of fixing Joy’s red skill?

She should. The intent is start of combat buffs should be passable by her through the link but it isn’t consistent. I’ve asked the team to take a look.

We did verify that some buffs are being removed despite Joy’s red skill. It’ll need a client update to fix fully. One thing about shields - the can still take damage and be broken, so if Tron is doing high damage with his white skill, that’s what’s clearing the shields, not his buff removal (in some cases).


Good to know this.

And looking forward for the update. :mag_right:


So, the friend stamina issue wasn’t completely fixed in the server update, so we have another one incoming to finish the fix. :laughing:


What about Hercues Red skill it clearly says has a chance to fail on allies but not on himself so why doesnt it work for him? Is this a bug cause if not you should clarify that it doesnt work for him either in the description. Woud be nice if it worked for him thou just not on allies until the skill is leveled.

I think 1 buff per 8 seconds is a weak value. With that said what happens if two toon want to buff meg at start? The issue in the above complaint may be due to Shang buffing meg with his kristoff disk (assuming its active).

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@Polaris Any update on the “bothered” for Disgust?

That was removed. I’ve updated the skill description in the patch notes. Sorry about the confusion!


I have been able to get Meg to link the reflect buff onto her ally but only if there are no other start up buff besides reflect cast on her so it won’t conflict with it.

Edit: I sparred onelineup that I am able to put reflect and than I tried 3 others that didn’t add reflect very confusing

Friend lv increase is stil visible in friend wall! It should be deleted from last update but it hasnt :frowning:

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