Update 2.4 Known Issues

Here’s where we’ll track new issues following the 2.4 update.

Here are some issues we’re currently investigating:

These issues have been fixed:

  • Friend Stamina Items cannot be used. The game gives a message that friendship must be unlocked first, even if the player has friendships unlocked.
  • Joy’s red skill is not blocking opponents from removing buffs from her team.
  • Meg’s red skill does not always pass along start of combat buffs to the linked hero.

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The more cannonballs is supposed to be level limited?

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Yes, those are level limited.

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I have an issue with friend stamina.

Never happened before. I can buy it with gems, but can’t use pots.

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Can you use the friend stamina items by going into your inventory?

No, you can not :sweat:

Ok, thanks.

Added to the list above:

  • Friend Stamina Items cannot be used.

Disgust can’t be tested in spars. Is it a bug or intended?


She can’t be posted to chat as a spar, or you can’t use her to attack in a spar?

I think they mean she has no Hero Spotlight yet

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Yeah I meant that

Aaaaaah, I’ll poke the team to get that set up!


Is Meg’s red skill working ? Tried putting Meg behind Ian so she would get the reflect buff at the start of combat. Her red skill should then pass that buff to her linked hero but I don’t see the reflect buff on the linked hero

Also joys red skill is not working as tons is still removing buff at her start to combat

I was gonna ask the same thing but noticed she can only do this every 8 seconds so Ian’s reflect only lasts 5 seconds at the start meaning the linked ally won’t get reflect

That should be a cooldown that activates after the first buff is copied. She shouldn’t wait 8 seconds to use it once

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Tron removes everything against Joy red skill teams.
Shields everything…

Is her red bugged?

It could be because of the animation Meg does when linking. Since the animation is not complete, the reflection didn’t apply.

Not a bug, but can I suggest this?

I envisage many accidental & annoying mis-presses otherwise :worried:

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