Update 2.7.10 Known Issues

I can say she theoretically deals more damage, but negation and evasion are still a big problem :frowning:

And that’s not an issue referring, 500k more HP isn’t ‘‘great’’, same with SP and BD which were barely increased, and there’s an issue. It definitely isn’t fine.
The study was also reduced, and nowhere it was said in patch notes.

Drakken’s Kim disk removes skill power on silenced enemies, which is completly useless, I think it was mistaken by basic damage (or reality).


Overall her damage is indeed better than it was (she can now kill heroes istantly which she couldn’t before)

But it for me it doesn’t compensate for the nerfs:

  • From 60% to 50% on Joy disk
  • Slow (white skill) from 8 to 6 seconds
  • Study (white skill) from 12 to 5 seconds
  • Remove team healing capacity
  • Remove AoE damage on dart

So not a succesfull refresh :cry:

Why Mim succesfull, but not Kim???


Indeed, added to the list!


No, that always was 6 seconds, kind of sad refresh didn’t increase it, should be with removed stun…

But the dart now targets only one enemy, instead of a few. This was also an un-mentioned nerf.


I only opened Coliseum after the update and did not receive the expected 4 keys.
I now have 8 locked enemies in Coliseum II.

Haven’t received my Arena II keys.
Opened it after the update, 6 locked enemies… expected to get 3 keys.

We’re looking into the challenger key issue.


Polaris… I’m sorry for bothering you, but I just went to do my city watch and it spent both of my tickets… my new one from today and my one I get daily… could you please fix this…
Have a spectacular day…
~Missing Lyrics…
(P.S.) If you are my friend in game I might be changing my name so don’t be alarmed…


Contacting support in game would be the more appropriate action. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I forgot! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Lyrics is back! :smiley:


Ok, that’s done…

What about Kim’s poor refresh? :thinking:

They should have received them earlier before update

Well, I have keys now… a bit too many actually: 12
Both for Coliseum (had received the daily ones pre patch) and Arena (hadn’t received todays)

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I think unfortunately Kim Possible’s refresh having too small stat increase and removal of useful abilities has likely caused more damage than otherwise, which I think can be summarized in this way:

Players’s trust in PerBlue has lowered
Players’s trust and faith in good and meaningful refreshes has lowered
Players’s dissatisfaction overall has increased
Players’s hope in hope in Kim Possible getting fixed likely stable, but varying from person to person
Players’s faith in good meaningful refreshes will likely increased if Kim Possible is properly refreshed.
Players’s goodwill and/or trust towards PerBlue may increase a bit depending on the person

Something to consider I suppose.


Now it just feels like PB thrown garbage above our heads, and still not a single word about Kim’s refresh feedback. :frowning:

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So I’m sorry to say but Kim’s refresh sucks

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On the off-topic-topic of Kim’s refresh, before the update I toiled hard and spent many more diamonds than I’d like to beat that Kim team, and could eventually manage 1171 points.

After the update I can beat it consistently and now have 1343 points.

Make of that what you will :man_shrugging:


This bug had been around but was left untouched or said it worked as intended so double checking its been looked into… @Polaris Kim’s disk slow and Pleakley’s disk slow do not trigger Honey lemon hiro’s disk tenacity/evasion reduction, big post last thread with more details, there could be more sources but I haven’t found any others yet.

@Polaris The text Coliseum is out of the box

The coliseum doesn’t give the rewards for me again. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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