Update 2.7.10 Known Issues

The items are too close to the crate

Same with the guild crate, and it’s almost off-screen


I unlocked all opponents, I guess too many keys were sent :sweat_smile:

(white numbers)

Data and what’s in the game show different things, something went from when Kim’s stats got a boost.

Increasing HP by 2.5M sounds nearer to refresh.

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This is not a bug. We submit the updates to the app stores on Fridays. We typically make adjustments to new heroes to balance them on Monday and the final numbers are controlled by the server.

I understand not everyone likes the Kim refresh. We completely changed her kit, so maybe take some time to find a new synergy for her and consider different teams that might let her damage boost matter.


I really don’t wanna repeat myself.

We don’t just want her damage. We want her utilities as well. And if you were so focused on her damage, then why did you nerf her dart and the length of her study?


No, we don’t need 5 years to define if a hero is good or bad.

The poll clearly shows players aren’t happy, but seems like PB just never care…


So what was with saying ‘‘great’’ stat boost on Monday? And other nerfs mentioned above…

Thanks again for proving to not trusting at all…

I think the main complaint with her as a Damage hero is that she would now do a lot of damage if she wasn’t always disabled :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully that can be patched up with the next few badge ranks, because she definitely has potential!


Can you Regulars kindly stop derailing this thread with off topic Kim stuff? There’s like 2 other threads about her already. It’s getting old. :expressionless:

Merida has a fraction of Kim’s HP and you still need more HP? You really won’t stop until she’s broken, right?

And @Polaris , please, next time let the dev team themselves decide who to refresh so that people who use the hero might actually be grateful for the refresh. Instead of a popular choice that would draw controversy no matter what you do.

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= We won’t change it, bye.

Negates the statement of letting her deal more damage by Polaris.

If she had this along with the raised damage, I’d say a good refresh. More damage makes her go up a tier, loss of utilities two back. How do they say it? One step forward, two backwards?

I see indeed no great sta boosts as was advertised.

This is becoming almost a staple.

EXACTLY THIS!!! And that’s why I say the badges need to be revisited in earlier ranks. Some of those are trash and revisiting their stats at least sometime could make for a MUCH MORE VIABLE roster.

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If the aim was to make her better than no nerfs should happen but they did happen, a lot

The stat increase is terrible, how 4% is ‘‘great’’?
This is just spitting on the face; a terrible move by PB, classic.

This just looks like you trying to keep players by forcing them to wait for another Kim refresh? It’s getting old…

Not to mention that after 3 months in general, any refresh gets useless.

  1. Rise of counters
  2. Core stats of new heroes at least 40% higher by then. Other stats also near 100% chances. Then nerfed within 3 cap raises to near nothing.

Again, a typical PB move I got used to but am unhappy with.

This is the only thread where we’ll get PB’s attention

Shaking my head.

We wanted Kim to be refreshed, we didn’t want major parts of her skillset to be removed/nerfed. This issue needs to be resolved.


I think the issue isn’t just the fact that she gets disabled and such, but rather that her damage boost wasn’t enough and kind of got nerfed at the same time.

Based on Muskteteer’s numbers this is the stat difference before and after the refresh:
Base Stats:
+4% Max HP
+10% Basic Damage (-200% of the White and Red Skill)
+20% Skill Power

This increase isn’t really worthy of a refresh, especially since her Red skill lost the 200% Basic Damage boost.

Here is Hiro’s refresh from a while ago and overall stat wise a lot better than Kim Possible’s refresh, which is what a refresh should look like number wise:


While it is technically reasonable advice of you Polaris to tell us to find new synergies and teams with her Damage boost, but if newer characters have better damage potential than her why should we use her anyway as well as that she gets easily disabled due to low on protective stats. People used Kim Possible for her Support abilities as the game overall has really few new Support characters as in pure Healers and other types of Support.

While yes I agree that Kim Possible thematically should be the Damage Hero and Ron Stoppable instead the Support Hero, but with how it is right now people really want a new and good Support Heroes as the game is starved in terms of proper pure Support characters.

So overall, even if not optimally thematically Kim Possible should return to her Support position ability/skill wise, or at least otherwise need to have her damage boosted further and given more protective stats in terms of disables. While making her Immune to disables could also work, but as far as that maybe being too OP I am unsure of, but a duration immunity or a Disable type Immunity would also help her.

At the very least, for people to be satisfied with Kim Possible she needs more fixing it seems.


@Polaris could always make a Feedback: XY refresh topic when the Refresh is released. But not done. Thus constructive criticism is posted here. Plain and simple.

Kira hit the nail. Why would I spend anymore money of self-depriving Kim if you just release a new character with 90% Evasion/Tenacity + 100% Armor/Reality Negation character that is just infinitely better? And even then, I wouldn’t since it gets countered heavily by something else in 3 months?

This along with the Stamina (Badge Craft) issue is the most concerning for the game right now. And I have yet to see it resolved (unless the game closes before that happens, also possible).
Polaris, my Badge List is in the middle of processing. Can send it to the team to see where are mistakes in Bits given in Trials. We can start with that.


@Polaris, it saids that we would have Drakken release event. But there is no daily event today. Is this a mistake?

Or all that we have is a power-up event (meaningless for majority of us) and 1 free CW reset?

If this is true then this is the most disappointing event ever…


There’s some issues with hero arrival / arrival time in coliseum. I have seen that in the second fight only one of my five selected heroes arrived at all to battle, losing very quickly. I have also seen where in the third fight my heroes arrivals were all staggered, with timon and pumba not arriving until after the fight had started.

Also, are you saying that perma-invincibility and perma-reflect are balanced, or Wasabi and Dash are fine?
But Kim healing allies is broken, and increasing stats by 4% is ‘‘great’’?

Thanks for inspiring @The_Real_Numi.


You’re very welcome, my friend. :slight_smile:
And yeah, no one investigates Ian-Kermit-Fear but making Kim “better, but actually worse” is the domain of a day :face_vomiting:
Until they prevail in Arena/Coli lines which is already too late. I do expect similar problems with future characters.

This thread is for bugs that are new following the 2.7.10 update. I understand you want to talk about Kim, but please do it in one of the other dedicated threads about her changes.

If it is okey if I just to hear, but was there a typo in Kim Possible’s HP increase as in like her HP was supposed to be raised by 40% or so instead of 4%?

Like if there are typo bug?

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