Update 2.7.10 Known Issues

There should be more official threads for these kinds of stuff though.


‘‘Known issues’’, well, Kim’s bad refresh is an issue


There’s another topic, yes, but with no visible activity from the team’s side.



This disk shouldn’t remove skill power on silenced ememies as they don’t use skills (skill power scaled things). It should be basic damage or reality remove.

Yes. Design is going to look into this and choose something else.


Will it change ‘immediately’ like Duke’s disk or it will require an update? :thinking:

It will require an update.

So too bad for any other issues found in the game, they’re just going to be drowned in Kimplaints until Kim’s stuns, slows, and heals are restored, and she’s given more HP, damage, tenacity, and evasion? Is that the situation in a nutshell?

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Well, Kim still has several issues.

And it’s not like other issues weren’t reported, earlier, like Baloo, Vanellope or Honey bug, not fixed yet :frowning:

Honey’s Hiro disk again doesn’t work with Kim’s slow from Joy disk…

It doesn’t reduce tenacity and evasion

I have no red dot above Trial Difficulty even though a mode was released… I only knew until a guild mate told me

Could you guys look into this and see if trial difficulty notification still works? Also, like I suggested, could we have an option to have maxed difficulty selected automatically? It takes too long to load its menu…


… also are were supposed to get CW reset item only on Tuesday, and not every day during Drakken’s event?

I don’t think there’s a point of running 6-day “Drakken release” events without ever actually releasing Drakken for all players. It’s only an event for a handful of rich lucky players who could probably just buy a deal or skip friendship episodes. Kim was released for everyone, why not Drakken?

Furthermore, this “event” is seemingly preventing other events that normally run at the end of the month or before cap raise, such as double drops or stamina buy.

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Kim is trash, Drakken not :slight_smile:

But getting him isn’t that hard, BM and war crates makes it pretty easy, like for all.

The war season is ending, the legendaries were reached multiple wars ago so no boxes. Even if, it’s still a very lucky shot to get one hero out of 135+.
Black market is another big gamble with these odds and diamond sink, so not easy at all unless you’re a whale or super lucky.
The potential cost of getting him is completely not worth it to what this event is doing, leaving the vast majority unable to participate.

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When goofy uses his white ability and I have in my team WP increases the speed and his hp but this only happens in invasion by the way I am from server 22

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Has this been reported before? I feel like it has…

It’s a visual thing only though, it happened to me too but I got normal rewards

@Polaris there are still broken deals in circulation in S22:

(not my image, it was shared on Emitz´s Discord server by a friend of the player that got this deal)


and history repeats itself, just like that…

Good thing it’s not as bad as last time… (shudders)


Is this not an error? Amelia was removed from CW shop less than a month ago after being there for 3 months plus she can’t be in elite at the same time? :thinking:

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