Update 2.7.10 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.7.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.7.10 Update! This release features Dr. Drakken from Disney’s Kim Possible, plus a hero refresh for Kim Possible herself!


  • New! Dr. Drakken from Disney’s Kim Possible!
  • Hero Refresh for Kim Possible from Disney’s Kim Possible!
  • Yellow Rank Preview!

Dr. Drakken

Dr. Drakken is a back-line “Control” character. Dr. Drakken will be available in Diamond Crates


Evil Laugh
Dr. Drakken laughs maniacally, Silencing enemies and decreasing the attack and movement speeds of enemies who are not Charmed. The effectiveness of this slow decreases every second.

Attitude Switch
Dr. Drakken uses his Attitudinator on the enemy with the most basic damage, Charming them and increasing their basic damage while Charmed.

Nano Ticks
Dr. Drakken throws a handful of nano tick bombs, dealing damage to the closest enemy and enemies nearby them. This deals bonus damage to Silenced enemies.

Scientific Genius
The slow from “Evil Laugh” is reset to max effectiveness when the slowed enemies are Silenced by Dr. Drakken’s allies.

How Charming
Silenced enemies lose energy each time they basic attack. “Evil Laugh” also applies stacks of Weakness to Charmed enemies. Enemies with Weakness take 10% more damage per stack and enemies can have a max of 5 stacks of Weakness.


  • Dr. Drakken and Kim Possible
  • Dr. Drakken and Gizmoduck

Hero Refresh: Kim Possible!

You picked her! It’s time for the Hero Refresh for Kim Possible! Kim Possible is a Damage role hero who is a great addition to any Study team. We decided to make this niche more powerful by giving her more Crit Damage and give her more frequent access to her White Skill. It’s hard to sum our changes up quickly because we’ve completely overhauled some of her skills and reworked her stats to spread her power out across her whole kit. Take a look below for details.


Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Kim of All Trades

The player chooses one of three skills for Kim Possible to perform when: Kim Possible stuns the farthest enemy and enemies nearby them, Kim Possible reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies for a duration, or Kim Possible heals all allies.

  • General Changes
    • All effects have been significantly reworked
  • Dart Effect
    • The stun effect has been removed from the Dart effect
    • This effect now steals energy from the farthest enemy
    • Damage increased
  • Lipstick Effect
    • This effect now also damages enemies
    • This effect now steals energy when the damaged enemies are Studied
  • Glasses Effect
    • This effect now heals Kim Possible instead of all allies
    • This effect also studies all enemies
    • Kim Possible also gains energy from this effect
    • The amount of HP healed has been increased

Get a Grip

Kim Possible kicks the front-most enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back

  • This skill also stuns Studied enemies
  • Increased damage
  • Increased knockback distance

What’s the Sitch?

Kim Possible marks the enemy with the most HP with her Kimmunicator at the beginning of each wave, dealing damage per second to them and stealing a percent of the energy they gain for the rest of the wave.

  • Kim Possible uses this skill again after an amount of enemies are studied
  • The second use of this skill deals more damage
  • Increased damage per second

So Not The Drama

“Kim of All Trades” gains the following bonus effects on activation:|Enemies stunned by Kim take damage over a duration.|After Kim slows enemies, she gains basic damage for a duration.|In addition to healing all allies, Kim Possible studies the closest enemy for a duration.

  • Removed changes to “Get a Grip”
  • Kim Possible now super crits instead of critting Studied enemies

Power Study

“What’s the Sitch?” also studies the enemy marked with the Kimmunicator for the rest of the wave.|Kim Possible super crits enemies who are studied every 3 basic attacks instead of critting them."

  • Removed fail chance on the Study
  • Removed the Super Crit effect from this skill
  • Kim Possible now gains Crit Damage each time an enemy is Studied up to a maximum
  • Removed basic damage increase on this skill and replaced it with a Crit Damage increase

Kim Possible’s Memory Disks

“Sitch Finder” from Joy

  • Memory disk star level
    • The slow on enemies has been slightly reduced
    • Kim Possible’s basic damage is increased by a percentage when she KO’s a studied enemy for a number of basic attacks
  • Memory disk level
    • Increased basic damage to Kim and allies
    • Increased max HP to Kim and allies

“Duck Dial” from Darkwing Duck

  • Memory disk star level
    • If Kim Possible and none of her allies are Scared after a duration, she gains attack speed for the rest of the wave
  • Memory disk level
    • Increased skill power
    • Increased reality and basic damage when Kim blocks a Scare

Yellow Rank Preview

Yellow Rank will become available on March 30th as part of our regular chapter releases, and we want to give you a preview of what’s coming!

Battle Badges

When you promote your first hero to Yellow Rank, you’ll acquire a powerful new tool for your heroes called the Battle Badge! Battle Badges won’t need to be crafted or equipped like hero badges, but they will need to be unlocked.


Once you unlock a hero’s Battle Badge, you’ll gain access to three unique buffs that will activate during battle when the charge condition is fulfilled: a Stat Buff, a Lineup Based Buff and an Effect Buff.

  • Stat Buffs increase one of the hero’s core stats by a specific amount.
  • Lineup Based Buffs also increase one of the hero’s core stats, but the amount it’s increased by can scale based on the number of heroes in your lineup matching a specific Team Color or Role.
  • Effect Buffs add a specific status effect (like Invisibility, Berserk, etc.) to either the hero or their team, but are only available when the badge is Enhanced.

Like badges, you can Enhance your Battle Badges to unlock even more power! Enhancing the Battle Badge will instantly improve the stat values increased by the Stat and Lineup Based Buffs. Most importantly though, it unlocks the badge’s Effect Buff and allows it to activate during battle.

Battle Badges will require two types of materials to enhance them: Hero XP drinks, and a new item called “Megabits”. The amount required of each will increase or decrease based on the total number of Battle Badges you currently have enhanced. If no badges are enhanced, the cost to enhance your first badge is always FREE!

Whenever you promote a hero to a new Yellow rank, they’ll also gain the ability to level up their Battle Badge. Each time you level up a hero’s badge, it will permanently increase the values for the Stat and Lineup Based buffs, as well as reset any enhancement. Depending on the hero’s role, you’ll need to spend a specific type of Megabit to level a Battle Badge. There are four different types, one for each Hero Role: Tank, Damage, Control, and Support.
Megabits can be earned when you step up to fight our newest menace, the Mega Virus!

The Codebase Trial

The Codebase is a brand new Trial that will challenge you to go toe-to-tendril against the Mega Virus! During the battle, as the Mega Virus takes damage, its rage increases and climbs through multiple Rage Levels. Every minor level you reach will cause the Mega Virus to drop an amount of random Megabits, increase one of its stats and add extra time to the battle. Every 5th level will award an even larger amount of Megabits and extra time, but also activates a new skill on the Mega Virus!


The Mega Virus is as powerful as they come, but it does have a weakness. Make sure to take note of it’s vulnerability before battle and then use that info to recruit heroes that can take advantage of it. When a hero hits the Mega Virus with something it’s vulnerable to, the Rage Multiplier will increase. The higher it climbs, the faster you’ll score points, reach higher Rage Levels and earn more rewards. Good Luck!

Hero Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Basil of Baker Street is smaller. His combat and skills are not changed.
  • Hamm’s red skill was missing text with the details on the chance to fail. This skill hasn’t been changed but we clarified the text.
  • Fixed an issue where Jim Hawkins could cause Guild War battles to crash
  • Fixed a bug where Mr. Big and Koslov’s freeze could cause combat to stop
  • Fixed a bug where Kronk’s trap door could sometimes remains open on the screen
  • Fixed a bug where Maximus’ health could behave strangely while transformed into a Frog

Other Improvements

  • We’ve changed the way Collections sort.
    • Completed collections will sort to the end
    • Collectible collections will sort to the front
    • The rest will sort alphabetically
  • The Badge Bazaar will now only sell items for Badge Tokens. We’ve removed the diamond sale slot from that shop only.
  • We added red and yellow materials to the auto add settings in Enhancement
  • We clarified the information page in Guild War about the 24 hour cooldown when changing guilds. If you join a new guild you are blocked from participating in a war that’s currently running. If a new war starts after you join the guild, you can participate, even if it’s within the 24 hour time.

Bug Fixes

  • The Hub map is no longer visible in City Watch
  • We fixed an issue with the Invasion Breaker retry button not resetting enemy teams correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Max HP increase/decrease buff names were with the wrong icon on the status icon information screen
  • Fixed an issue where the defensive power calculations could be inaccurate (or even negative!) in Coliseum
  • Fixed an issue where collecting multiple bosses could results in a negative number displayed on rewards screen

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-24 Update

  • New Hero: Dr. Drakken will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Existing Hero: Wasabi will be available in Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, March 23.


Yes it’s here!!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I call this: the Kim Update


Now it’s time to party


Holy walt that thing looks awesome.

Draken looks great, other than his skins seems… shiny…


Finally the Patch Notes


Closest we may get to Tamatoa lol…


Time to spit the heat Drakken


Also this is one of my favorite kp episodes so I’m happy about that…


Yep this is gonna be crazy good


Wow. He literally looks amazing!

Kim’s refresh also looks great, the Yellow Rank Preview looks great, the Mega Virus thing also looks amazing. Overall, really awesome update!

That Drakken design especially, props to PB for that amazing artwork.
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Anyways, the KP refresh looks pretty nice! B&B still exists, but this is still at least a nice and very much needed buff to her skill set overall!


Any KP emojis? @Polaris? The only preexisting designs I know of are the 2019 versions…

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Did you mean “Kim Of All Trades”?

PFFFFFFFFT. Didn’t realize that her name was actually Mim Possible. :sweat_smile:


Soooo… I guess no Drakken in August of 2022? Disappointing

This update seems really cool! KP is finally getting refreshed!



The slow stays, right?

I am disappointed. Now my study team has no healers.

There never were?


I’m sorry, but this refresh could have been better.


It looks like they’re going to change the day for the trials because on Mondays and Thursdays it’s the yellow team on Tuesday and Fridays it’s the red team on Wednesdays and Saturdays it’s the Blue team and everything open on Sunday


To whoever made this art of Drakken, AMAZING JOB!

He looks amazing! :heart:


No, we aren’t changing the Trials days, but the sorting for the trials is new. It will move to the left the open trials.

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