Update 2.7.10 Patch Notes

Yes. All the datamined heroes are now in the game! It’s a bummer that Kim can only heal herself with the glasses. Not her allies😟


I like the refresh personally, but B&B still exists. :neutral_face:

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New crate:


Yes! Yellow! It reminds me of Gold! But I may need a guide on the Megavirus though. :slight_smile:


Interesting how Drakken turned out. Slow, charm and silence in combo

Very much needed

Hope the slow at least stays, and things mentioned are adds

While studying every enemy is long-awaited, it’s ashame to lose a decent enough team healer.

This needs to be an enourmous increase

Good improvement

Very nice for invasion bot!

Change for the worse. 60% in the max situation is lesd than Pooh or King Loui can achieve. Should have stayed…

Has interesting stuff, but for me on S21 it’s still months away, so no comment much yett.

Overall I think a good update. Still a bit scepticsl if Kim is actually going to be working better for me from here, but we’ll have to see


No, trial reset items will not work on the Codebase.


Well, there always be more updates

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Exactly! That’s one of my pet peeves of this refresh! That and her purple skill is useless since she has high Normal Crit!

Maybe she should gain either DISABLE DEFENSE (Tenacity or Evasion) or ARMOR NEGATION for the purple skill to make it more worth investing.

But it’s not the worst. At least it did something.


Oh no, the stun… which thanks to evasion rarely was applied, but still, it could be kept.

So, this still will slow enemies? :pleading_face:

Ok so.
Why removing healing allies part?! Change it… please.
Studying all enemies, thanks, the feedback was listened.

Just wonder what amount of stolen energy we’re talking, similar to Eeyore’s?

Another point from my thread, great.

That’s great!
But wonder, it can be used only two times, or more?

Hmmm… purple mods will be useless for her now.

Ok, this is just amazing, but really, I hope the increased base basic damage will pay off from all the removed basic damage bonuses from purple and red skills.

Ouch, but I guess it will be by 5% at max…

What? It’s confusing…

Well, that’s… something.

Overall, I just hope her healing all allies would return.


I wasn’t prepared to read that .1 lol

She won’t, her playstyle will be different. She’ll actually be used for damage instead of CC (assuming her numbers are now good but I don’t think they’d mess up that bad).

Again her playstyle will change so it may not matter THAT much if studies are blocked for 10 seconds :upside_down_face:


Looks more like the new creep if it was a box…

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The crate is probably just exclusive to the Codebase trials. Look at how the design is similar to the Megavirus.


I doubt it. According to the roadmap, new crate should come in 2.8 update.


Nice Job @Polaris ! For this new update!!!(even tho I don’t have a red 19 hero…YET) but GREAT UPDATE I can finally start working a kim again

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That’s true. I’m honestly just happy to have a stronger incentive to use her now, since she’s one of my highest upgraded units atm. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Best update ever. No exceptions!


I’ll be real the first person I’m getting to yellow is Quorra

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Last update gave the battle badges and super virus away and no one believed me even @Polaris tried diverting it


What sort of scaling can we expect here? Hero XP drinks are already a valuable commodity for anyone wanting to maintain a viable war/coli roster. Also, how will we unlock the Battle Badge in the first place?

I may be wrong but from those I know who use her, it was literally just because of this disk effect. And it’s being reduced :laughing: :man_shrugging:

I hope this turns out as interesting as it sounds/looks!


Typo or intentional? @Polaris

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