Patch Notes 4.4.10

Let’s go! Like I said before, I think AngerIII got his wish!


So many good additions!! New prices of game, new hero, multiple refreshes, and cap raises


She looks INSANELY op!!


Welp, this is a pretty great set of Patch Notes. Hooray!


Corrected! And to clarify: Patch will arrive on Tuesday November 15th WITH the update!

I appreciate you pointing that out!


Before The Codebase was released:

Pretty much immediately after release:

And a while after that:

We are now at Y21 requiring exponentially more Megabits to upgrade our Battle Badges, that’s nearly 2 years later, and The Codebase is now defeated in 0.5 seconds and drops exactly the same number of Megabits as it always did.

The feature had great promise, but despite it having been brought up as feedback over the months and the flaws being so blatantly obvious, it hasn’t been touched.

Instead of The Codebase scaling and dropping more Megabits, the Megabits have started popping up in IAP in huge quanitites. :man_shrugging: We want to be encouraged to play the game, not just throw money at it because it’s the only option.

Please don’t do this with Patch Trials / Essence… this also looks like it could be really promising, but will be just absurdly disappointing if nothing has been learnt from The Codebase. It absolutely must scale with rank.


SO MANY HERO REFRESHES AND RANDOM SKILL REFRESHES!! this must be one of the biggest patch notes yet!


too much space :eyes:

Could be possible to add ‘’##’’ before each name, currently it’s too bland together.


^ for this effect


I’m Glad Bellwether is coming in the game and I understand they had to add someone from Zootopia because of Zootopia+ Now Zootopia is the third franchise with the most characters.


Time to save up my stamina and get characters from Zootopia Big Hero 6 and Aladdin to yellow but the only ones who I have in yellow from those franchise is Aladdin and Honey Lemon

Now this will help my top 5 heroes

Still 2 more charakter from zootopia
Gazelle and Flash


YOOOOOOOOOO!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


I will say so one of the better patch in months

Thx ! :kissing_heart:


Fear all ways works! Because Mayor Bellwether is here!

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Nice and cool updates and stuff. I like how we are getting (Assistant) Mayor Bellwether (also a secret villian) in this game on November 24th and as a Prize Wall Hero of course/no least (lol). November 24th is also Thanksgiving so half of us (people who celebrate Thanksgiving) we will shoveling Thanksgiving foods into our mouths, down our throats, and into our stomachs (sorry). We’ll all be updating our games and doing the Prize Wall Hero challenges to get Mayor Bellwether and upgrading her and stuff. Also Patches seem pretty cool too. Can’t wait for the new update and Mayor Bellwether woo! (idk lol)! :slightly_smiling_face::+1::love_you_gesture::heart::heart::heart::fire::fire::fire::fire:
Also a new Zootopia female character in this game cool (first female Zootopia character being Judy Hopps of course lol) :slightly_smiling_face::+1::love_you_gesture::heart::heart::heart::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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So @Nugget Patch Power raises bonus stats and unlocks talents? Nothing else needed?

Can the next seasonal trial include Pirates of the Caribbean?

Any more core stat updates correlating to seasonal events?

Also please let the team know that Pipsqueak’s observation is correct. We don’t Patch Power to be another whale-only industry like Megabits… and Codebase not scaling at all.


Hopefully, when Kim Possible will get their franchise trial Kim Possible will get her hero refresh, or maybe even small core stats update for Drakken, but eh.

Also, Wreck-It Ralph will get their franchise trial too soon, it’s time to refresh Ralph and Vanellope, this would be great! Calhoun and Felix would be good too.
or from Inside Out, Joy, so her evasion from red skill could finally work.


My boy quackerjack is getting fixed! That deserves a round of applause :clap:

Now this is a first…

A villain as support…


Will the new feature (Patch) only launch on S1-14 or all servers at the same time?

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