Update 2.7.10 Patch Notes

So, now that Kim has got a refresh. @Musketeer is going to have to change his name.


@Polaris I gotta tell you this update is all about Kim possible and I love it

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They already did… :eyes:

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Ok, really, when this will be fixed?

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That’s a fair point, while it might be unrealistic at high levels to be seeing a white or green hero it could in theory be easily mistaken at first glance. Also, it looks like we wouldn’t be able to quickly see whether their Red Skill is unlocked, because the Battle Badge thingy is there instead (I assume that’s what it is).


It’s being renamed to Team Trial Reset.

Each hero has a unique Battle Badge with the buffs affecting the hero and the team during battle.
The buffs only apply to the hero’s team, so if you set a hero on a defensive lineup (in war for example), their battle badge buffs will apply to their team if the charge conditions are met.

No. The hero needs to be Yellow Rank before you can unlock the Battle Badge for that hero. When you get your first hero to Yellow you’ll be able to see the Battle Badge on the hero screen and access the Codebase.

No changing the Battle Badges around. They are set for each hero and aren’t movable.

Each hero has a unique Battle Badge. They are not customizable.


I hope Kim and Drakken gonna be on the icon since this is the Kim possible Update



Customisation = Fun! Personal! Balancing! :+1:

Grindy McGrindface for the exact same stuff as everyone else = Not Fun :-1:


So the battle badge is kind of a Yellow skill, but with new currency…hard to tell now, but I’m interested to see the effects each character gets :thinking:

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Fixed this one.


Surprised, 0 smaller (other) game improvements and bug fixes. :thinking:

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In my head “Well, there aren’t many, but this is a smaller update, but that’s more than 0”
But when I scrolled up my eyes see 0.

There are Bug Fixes and Improvements, they just didn’t get copy/pasted correctly.
I’m gonna go weekend now. :beer:
See you Monday!

Hero Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Basil of Baker Street is smaller. His combat and skills are not changed.
  • Hamm’s red skill was missing text with the details on the chance to fail. This skill hasn’t been changed but we clarified the text.
  • Fixed an issue where Jim Hawkins could cause Guild War battles to crash
  • Fixed a bug where Mr. Big and Koslov’s freeze could cause combat to stop
  • Fixed a bug where Kronk’s trap door could sometimes remains open on the screen
  • Fixed a bug where Maximus’ health could behave strangely while transformed into a Frog

Other Improvements

  • We’ve changed the way Collections sort.
    • Completed collections will sort to the end
    • Collectible collections will sort to the front
    • The rest will sort alphabetically
  • The Badge Bazaar will now only sell items for Badge Tokens. We’ve removed the diamond sale slot from that shop only.
  • We added red and yellow materials to the auto add settings in Enhancement
  • We clarified the information page in Guild War about the 24 hour cooldown when changing guilds. If you join a new guild you are blocked from participating in a war that’s currently running. If a new war starts after you join the guild, you can participate, even if it’s within the 24 hour time.

Bug Fixes

  • The Hub map is no longer visible in City Watch
  • We fixed an issue with the Invasion Breaker retry button not resetting enemy teams correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Max HP increase/decrease buff names were with the wrong icon on the status icon information screen
  • Fixed an issue where the defensive power calculations could be inaccurate (or even negative!) in Coliseum
  • Fixed an issue where collecting multiple bosses could results in a negative number displayed on rewards screen

But Not all use B&B :neutral_face: Kim was good, And Now shes even more good




Woah… but… how smaller exactly?


Everyone talks about Drakken or Kim refresh but for me the design of the “MegaBits” remind me of an Integrated circuit 555 SMD (Surface Mounted Device), and that reminds me when I welded components in the school workshop to some years ago, good memories
(Here is an image from the 555 SMD on internet)


Yes! Now that’s a definite positive change!

The other changes/bug fixes/QoL improvements are good too; I just hope the bug fix on the Invasion Breaker retry button also resets the hero team correctly. It’s getting tiring having to rebuild Nick’s lemmings time after time.


Exactly like in the movie


wait only after doing a yellow, can i equip it to my other reds like tron r12?


Yes, yes, very nice for people who have tons of Diamond Crates and who want Dr. Drakken, and for people with a limited supply of Diamond Crates, at least they can get some chips through contests. But what about people who want to work on Baloo without having to spend tokens on those Coliseum Crates of questionable value, or who want to work on Slinky Dog but can only afford to buy a few crates at a time because of how many diamonds they cost? And should we expect Bunson & Beaker to also be locked in their crate for 9-12 months or more?

I’m not thrilled with heroes being locked in various Exclusive Crates, but I could accept it as long as I could expect them to rotate out on a regular basis. Now I’m wondering just how long it’s going to take, not only for those currently in the crates, but for heroes that get slotted into those crates in the future.


This will be helpful, thanks. Nobody bought them (presumably as evidenced by the data) and they only served to trip us up.

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