Update 2.8 Known Issues

Please post any new bugs from the 2.8 update in this thread!

Here’s some issues we’re currently investigating:

  • The open 10x button is missing from the Diamond Crate Items screen.
  • Some players leave the Wish Crate tutorial and can’t complete it. This will prevent you from receiving the free buy 10x. Please contact support and they can progress you in the tutorial.

These issues have been resolved:

  • Some Trials difficulties are missing on Server 21.

The use 10 button for Diamond crates is gone now, was this intentional?


Every time I see Fairy Godmother, there is a “?”, also applies with the 10x wish crate item

Usually that’s because you don’t have all the content downloaded. Try restarting the game and see if you get the rest of the files.

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Well, turns out that’s what my game is doing right now



Definitely the diamond crate buttons, one at a 5ime is ridiculous and cuts out the automatic full hero.

No 10x or 100x on the ordinary diamond crates, the 10x is there on the 10x crates

Definitely won’t open… way too time consuming.


You’re telling me! Glad I wasn’t the first to come here and say something about it lol


When we´re at it, we need the “Use 100” for gold crates and team/role. It´s been announced and never released. WHERE IS IT?


Lower the Prices of the Wish Crate

The free 10x for the Wish Crate is granted at the end of the tutorial. If you leave or disconnect and the tutorial doesn’t restart when you open the wish crate screen, please contact support. We can help you finish the tutorial.

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We aren’t force to use it now. Right? We can keep it to open later when they come back again. Right?

The free open 10x is an item, so you’ll still have it when the crates come back again. You don’t have to use it this time.


6 Star disks?! Is this an error or spoiler?

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Mistake. Don’t panic!


Now I won’t :relaxed:

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You saying don´t panic makes me wanna panic.

  • Trevor Philips, GTA V

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